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Janitorial Bidding Software

Whether you’re starting a cleaning business or simply trying to keep your existing one growing, finding the right janitorial software can make a measurable difference in tackling today's toughest challenges. 

Here's the thing...

You’re not struggling because you’re not dependable, but because your bidding, pricing and proposal systems aren’t dependable.

We can fix that.

CleanBid comes pre-loaded, giving you specific price recommendations when you’re bidding on cleaning jobs ranging from commercial office, residential house cleaning and tile maintenance to carpet cleaning, apartment move in/out and window washing too.

Plus, you’ll be able to instantly email or print out and deliver impressive, customized cleaning proposals to your prospective clients.

You’re not struggling because you’re lazy, but because your business management software is lazy.

We can fix that too.

With CleanGuru you’ll be able to easily generate professional work tickets and invoices to effectively organize, direct and charge for the cleaning work you perform every month.

Plus, you’ll love having a convenient mobile calendar for scheduling bid walkthroughs and personal appointments, along with a powerful CRM for a one-stop-shop view of linked notes, appointments, bids, tickets and invoices by individual prospect or customer.


Janitorial Inspection Software

Finally - quality control inspection software for cleaning businesses that’s so much more than a mobile inspection app.

CleanQC is not only a fast and easy quality control app, it will quickly become your favorite tool for 1) satisfying customers - to keep accounts and 2) impressing prospects - to win new jobs.

Something completely new, fresh, different…

You’ll love the one-of-a-kind Performance Review you’ll be able to email or deliver to your clients, summarizing your results and highlighting your ongoing quality control efforts using impressive graphs and charts.

Build your brand – automatically!

Your company name and logo can be proudly displayed on your inspections and client reviews, placing your janitorial business in a positive light.

Quick-start, no painful set-up.

Just choose a janitorial bid or building type - the inspection loads automatically, showing areas unique to that bid or kind of building. You’ll be up and running in moments, not hours.

Never tried CleanQC?

Sign up for a 30 day membership absolutely FREE! See if it isn’t everything you’ve always wanted in a janitorial inspection app – PLUS a whole lot more!


Cleaning Business Coaching

You’re not struggling because you don’t clean well, but because your marketing & profit strategies don’t work well.

We can fix that.

Watch and listen to Dan reveal proven, insider marketing, selling and profit strategies in fast paced and super practical coaching videos designed to help you consistently add sales and stay profitable.

Learning from someone who has been in your shoes, experienced and overcome firsthand the same obstacles you’re facing - can be incredibly valuable personally and professionally.

So, don’t miss this opportunity.

Dan knows where the business ‘land mines’ are. He knows how hard it is for most building service contractors to find new cleaning contracts to bid on.

He knows how cleaning business owners struggle to consistently attract the owners and managers at those accounts to want to do business with them.

In CleanSuccess, Dan gives new insight and specific, step-by-step advice to permanently fix the marketing, selling and profit weakness holding back your growth and profit.

Best of all, he does it in a practical way members can understand and implement.

You can do this. You really can.

You can cancel your membership at any time. We don’t require any long term contracts when using our janitorial software.

You can call us directly at our office or simply log-in, go to ‘Account’ at the top of the Home Page and click on ‘Cancel CleanBid’.

Plus, because CleanBid is a pre-paid service, your access will continue until the end of your current paid subscription period, so, you will not be charged any additional fees for cancelling.

More good news! For one full year after cancelling your CleanBid Membership, you can quickly and easily re-activate your prior account by simply logging back in – using your Secure User Name and Password at the log-in screen.

All you’ll need to do is select the CleanBid Plan of your choice, your credit card will be charged the appropriate monthly fee for the plan you choose and you’ll have instant access to your existing bids, if any, in the modules associated with the plan you select.

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