What do I have to do?

Your part is easy!

Simply jot down the sizes or measurements of the space you are bidding on during the building walkthrough – or, if you’d like, impress your prospect by entering them directly into the janitorial software using the mobile app on you favorite mobile device, Smartphone or Tablet.

Once you’ve entered your information, you’ll be amazed when you watch CleanBid instantly generate calculated times (janitorial), price recommendations and a professional cleaning proposal for you.

That’s right – you’re all set.

But, if you want to make changes to customize your bid proposal – you can, such as adjust the price, edit the wording of the job descriptions or proposal language, as well as decide which of the reports that come standard with CleanBid you want to include.

CleanBid makes it easy for any janitorial business or house cleaning service to get a price recommendation and ready-to-deliver or email cleaning proposal in minutes - online!

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