How does CleanBid® work?

CleanBid comes pre-loaded to make things easy when you’re bidding on cleaning jobs. That’s right, based on our over 20 plus years of real-world cleaning experience, we’ve programmed the janitorial software with:

  • Detailed work schedules call job specifications by building type and cleaning frequency
  • Industry specific cleaning tasks and production rates
  • Pricing formulas including both cost + profit, as well as hourly rate methods
  • Professional proposals you can easily customize, then print or email

Now, here’s the exciting part:

CleanBid Janitorial runs your building’s measurements and the pre-loaded information listed above through a series of powerful work loading calculations. That’s how we estimate cleaning time which is important when bidding on office cleaning jobs.

You’ll get detailed job specifications, calculated cleaning times, monthly price recommendation and a professional proposal, customized for the building you’re bidding on.

CleanBid Tile, Carpet, Window, Construction, Move In/Out and Residential Cleaning come pre-loaded with work types and detailed task descriptions unique to these kinds of specialty work, designed to set you apart from your competition. Plus, you’ll be able to account for other factors like wage and difficulty when you’re determining your price for the cleaning contract.

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