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Do you cover HR and operational issues like hiring, scheduling, training, supplies, equipment, quality control and accounting?

While all of these issues are important to ‘visit’ in when planning to start a cleaning business or ‘revisit’ in trying to find ways to have your existing one run smoother and more profitably.

But, for this particular video series, the answer to whether they are ‘covered’ is - Yes and No.

Yes , in that we do touch on most, if not all, of these issues in one way or another in some of the videos in the series. No, in that it isn’t the focus of the video series.

When a marketing, selling or profit strategy touches on an operational or HR issue, we may discuss it briefly, explain how it relates to an overall profit goal or simply offer a practical strategy on the topic.

We have been pleased to hear from CleanSuccess Members who value the unique focus of this video coaching series. In the future, we look forward to creating additional programs focusing on topics, like the ones mentioned in the question.

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