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Why are the videos 1) in short installments, and 2) in a specific sequence?

Regardless if someone is wondering how to start a cleaning business or is simply trying to grow faster and more profitably, the CleanSuccess video coaching series was sequenced to maximize their meaning and value.

That’s right, these coaching ‘sessions’ are in a specific order to increase understanding and therefore - results, often with one idea building on another previously introduced. This helps reinforce and expand principles explained in earlier episodes.

The videos are about 10-5 minutes in length, designed to be fast paced and filled with detailed examples and tips to keep members motivated members with a practical ‘game plan’, rather than overwhelmed with too much or overly generalized information.

Therefore, every new member begins with video #1 – followed by a new video every other week, every week or twice per week - depending on the CleanSuccess Plan selected. However, members can change which plan they’re on to fit their own time constraints and goals.

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