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What if I don’t like the speed or sequence of the series?

One of the challenges we face, of course, is that anyone can sign up for the new video coaching program which means we have members ranging from those just starting a cleaning business and want to get their hands on this training to start off on the right foot, to veteran building service contractors who have already built successful companies, but want to stay on top of any new ideas to help their business grow even faster or more profitably.

So, the lay out and schedule of the program represents our best attempt to satisfy all parties.

Plus, we do offer three (3) different CleanSuccess Plans designed to provide options for how quickly or slowly a member would like to receive the coaching videos.

However, if the sequence in which the subjects are covered or the speed of the schedule it’s delivered are simply not what someone is looking for - we completely understand. CleanSuccess, like any coaching program, will not be a perfect fit for everyone.

But, we want every CleanGuru Member to be completely happy with whatever janitorial software or coaching program they use. Therefore, we offer a 30 Day trial membership to CleanSuccess absolutely FREE, so first time members get a chance to see if the format is right for them, before they invest a cent.

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