How is CleanQC different from other janitorial inspection apps?

Glad you asked! Here are 4 BIG ways:

#1, no other inspection app loads inspection templates automatically from a bid. 

That’s right, you won’t have to suffer, trying to figure out HOW to build your inspection - completely from scratch.

Our done-for–you approach makes CleanQC the fast and easy way for janitorial cleaning businesses to inspect buildings.

#2, our one-of-a-kind ‘Inspection Review’ report highlights the hard work you and your staff are delivering in the important area of quality control, in an impressive, yet easy-to-understand graphical format – solidly positioning your commercial cleaning company as both professional and committed to quality assurance.

#3, with 1-click you’ll instantly impress prospects with your decision to use this innovative quality control inspection software - by including a powerful PROMO-page and Sample Inspection right in your cleaning proposal!

#4, oh, here’s one we think you’re going to LOVE; everything is not called ‘an inspection’.

We noticed (and maybe you have too) other janitorial inspection programs seem to call everything, every room, every area, seemingly everything - ‘an inspection’.

It’s terribly confusing, and truthfully, it made us crazy.

You see, we know when experienced cleaning business owners talk about ‘an inspection’, they mean the inspection form and score for ONE building. Not 40 things, one thing.

And, to keep things simple, we call every individual room checked in the building - ‘an inspect’.

For example, you may decide to perform 15 ‘inspects’ in the Office Area, 4 ‘inspects’ in the Restroom Area and 1 ‘inspect’ in the Conference Room Area… but all as a part of your ONE (1) monthly inspection of a building.

So now, with CleanQC, your inspector goes out and completes 3-4 inspections a night, not 300- 400.

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