Run Your Cleaning Business…Like You’re SELLING It!

Run Your Cleaning Business...Like You're SELLING It

Ever noticed how your neighbors who desperately want to sell their house suddenly find the energy to do all the paint, putty and landscaping they’ve been putting off for years? Yep, they know what buyer’s want to see – a home that is solid, well maintained and attractive. Same thing holds true for businesses – […]

Cleaning Business Owner: Are You Too Needy? Part 1

No disrespect. It’s really more of a business question, than a personal one. Put another way, what message are you projecting to your prospects? Think about it a minute. Does the way you ‘do business’ (i.e. selling, customer service) send the message that you are a successful busy cleaning business owner or not? Well, if […]

Does YOUR Office Need A New Cleaning Company?

Does your office need a new cleaning company

It’s not ok to have your customer’s offices looking great… while yours looks like a frat house on a Saturday morning after a crazy Friday night. That’s right, you and your staff deserve to work in a environment that is kept as clean, professional and well-maintained as the clients you take care of. Watch this […]

Cleaning Business Success: 1-2 PUNCH

I see it all the time. I go out to meet someone in charge of hiring the janitorial cleaning company for a building. It can be grumpy Gary, the general manager at an auto dealership, or bored Brenda the office supervisor at an insurance company. It doesn’t matter which one. If our Gary or Brenda are unhappy with […]

What ONE Janitorial Business Owner Can Do – Another Can Do!!

What ONE Janitorial Business Owner Can Do - Another Can Do

Success isn’t just for other people – it’s for YOU too. Never forget that. It can be easy to get down in the dumps about your cleaning business when you have to face a tough economy, people problems – and scheduling issues to boot. But, there are steps you can take to overcome even your […]

Cleaning Business Tip: Dip Your Toe In FIRST!

Warning: This blog is long. I know. Sorry, but, it’s important – and I think it reveals a strategy which may REALLY come in handy for you time and time again. Here’s the strategy – DIP YOUR TOE IN FIRST! To explain what I mean, let me tell you a story of how those words saved us […]

Janitorial Business Ideas Can Be Slippery Fish

Janitorial Business Ideas Can Be Slippery Fish

Ever think of the greatest, most creative idea to help your janitorial, cleaning business in the morning -only to forget it completely by afternoon? Well, we have – through painful janitorial business lessons, like the one Dan will share in this video. Watch this fast paced video to learn how you can hold on to […]

The One-Word Secret To Getting Great Testimonials for YOUR Cleaning Business

So, what is it? What is THE one-word secret to getting great testimonials for your janitorial business? Ok, here it is – ASK It’s that simple. Well, it’s simple, but maybe not easy – at least at first. Remember in the Bible where Jesus says “Ask and it will be given unto you..” Well, those words […]

Unusual Janitorial Jobs: Dip Your Toe in First

Unusual Janitorial Jobs: Dip Your Toe in First

Ever come across an unusual cleaning project – maybe a stripping and refinishing project that looks let’s just say – unpredictable? Well, we have – and through painful lessons like the one Dan will share in this video. Watch this fast paced video to learn a valuable strategy that shows your customer you’re interested in […]

Bid Cover Letters With MUSCLE! – Part 2

OK, no more theory! Let’s look at how you can easily add marketing MUSCLE to your janitorial proposals and cleaning bids by creating powerful COVER LETTERS. First, make sure that during your initial walk through, as well as during any conversations with your prospect, you are taking GOOD NOTES on each comment, complaint, ‘pet peeves’ […]

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