SPECIFICS Are Janitorial Marketing Gold!

SPECIFICS Are Janitorial Marketing Gold

Janitorial Marketing GOLD. You may think finding something to impress your janitorial business prospects – is as hard to come by as gold. Well, it doesn’t have to be – not if you realize adding this one ingredient – namely, specifics, to your advertising can be that gold for your cleaning business. Watch this fast […]

Maintain Forward Motion

My father, now nearly 90 years old, always says to me, ‘Don’t worry Dan, just keep trying do your best everyday, and you’ll be fine.’ What? Really, I mean what in the world is that supposed to mean? It seemed sort of dumb – or at least obvious. I never even knew what it really […]

Janitorial Bids: Why I Hate Group Walk-throughs

Why I Hate Group Walk-throughs

I know why the building owners and property managers do it – arrange for group walkthroughs when they go out to get competitive janitorial bids to compare, that is. It’s to save time, money and aggravation – for them. Fine. But ,for the janitorial business owner, if they’re not careful, it can spell trouble. What […]

Do You Have A 3 Hour Magnet

Next time you sit down to figure out how many cleaning hours to bid a building at, budget for and assign to a cleaner – you may want to remember this story. Let’s say our cleaning business picked up a new account -an office building, which we thought should take about 3.5 – 4 hrs. […]

The ONE Thing You Should Do During a Janitorial Bid Walk-through

The ONE Thing You Should Do During a Janitorial Bid Walk-through

The one thing you should do is – something hardly anyone else is doing, and that’s why it’s such a great opportunity. So, what is it? Well, you’ll have to watch this short video to find out – but I’ll tell you this much. If you do this one thing, you’ll be able to save […]

Never Hear Your Price Is Too High Again

WARNING: This e-mail is LONG, but I hope you give it the extra couple of minutes to read, because if it helps you land even just one of the accounts you’ve always wanted – well then, it was worth it! How’d you like to never hear “Your price is too high!’ again? Sounds too good […]

What’s the FIRST Thing Janitorial Sales Reps Should Do After a Bid Walk-through?

What's the FIRST Thing Janitorial Sales Reps Should Do After a Bid Walk-through

Run back to the office and take a break, right? Wrong. It’s tempting though, we know, after a long, detailed janitorial bid walk-through, you can be exhausted – mentally and physically. But, there is one thing SO important to do, that it just can’t wait until the next day. Watch this fast paced video where […]

Is It Still Who You Know Part II

Last time we talked about how tough it is out there – you know, the fast changing, competitive world we live and work in today. We saw how our prospects and customers are under pressure like never before to get their professional contract cleaning services outsourced at lower and lower prices. And, we left off […]

Should Janitorial Businesses LOVE Highly Profitable Jobs?

Should Janitorial Businesses LOVE Highly Profitable Jobs

Dumb question, right? I mean of course, every janitorial business owner should love having highly profitable cleaning accounts, right?? Well, maybe…maybe not. Watch this fast paced video that explains a different, maybe even shocking answer to the question – one that many commercial cleaning companies may have never considered before. Before you’re done watching this […]

Is It Still Who You Know Part I

Let’s go way, way back in our ‘time machine’ to the 70’s or 80’s, when playing 18 holes of golf with the manager of a downtown building may have put you and your janitorial business on the fast track to landing a profitable new cleaning account. Fast forward to today – how times have changed! […]

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