CleanGuru Disinfecting Service Proposal

Greenbranch Cleaning LLC 4167 N. Holland Summit Fairband, PA 43623 September 03, 2020 Kevin Wallace Pevelli Graphics 3174 Commerce Park Fairband, MN 45897 Dear Kevin, Subject: Disinfecting Service Proposal - Pevelli Graphics, 3174 Commerce Park, Fairband, MN 45897 Thank you for allowing Greenbranch Cleaning LLC to prepare a professional disinfecting service proposal for your consideration. We know it takes considerable time and effort to show any potential contractor your home or business, and to provide them with all necessary information. Here are a few important highlights: Before we work... All disinfecting techs are thoroughly trained on how to perform each disinfecting task, as well as on important safety issues, such as the wearing of proper P.P.E. Our goal is to perform each disinfecting project in our customer's building, professionally and safely. During the work... We know providing a dependable and worry-free service is important to every customer. So at Greenbranch Cleaning LLC, we combine up-front preparation and training with strong management and on-site direction during the project. After the work... We carefully check our work and clear the area of disinfecting equipment and supplies. In addition, at Greenbranch Cleaning LLC, we are available for on-call requests or we can create a regularly scheduled disinfecting service plan for you. We look forward to the opportunity of becoming a trusted and valued resource for your home or office cleaning and disinfecting needs. Please call if you have any questions, or need additional information as you review our proposal. Sincerely, David Williams Account Manager Greenbranch Cleaning LLC Greenbranch Cleaning LLC