Power Principles for Success

Power Principles for Success

In this important book, Power Principles for Success, Dan and Tony reveal one of their most prized marketing strategies – a unique marketing approach designed help those wanting to know how to start a cleaning business as well as those wanting to grow their existing one quickly AND profitably.

That’s right – the owners of today’s cleaning companies want a way to get out of the LOW price game, the one where their actual competitive advantage doesn’t have anything to do with people and quality – but rather, simply that they’ll do the job cheaper than anyone else.

This is madness.

And, this low price approach is cleaning business ‘quicksand’; one which, in the beginning, may bring a temporary feeling of satisfaction from landing new cleaning jobs, from business owner eager to save money, but which is nearly always – doomed to fail.

Worse yet, the cost is often not simply the loss of a cleaning job, but the loss of reputation as a reputable, professional building service contractor in the marketplace.

The marketing strategy revealed in this book is not simply one designed to keep up with your competition, but to, in effect, position your company so uniquely that, when it comes to how different, how much value you deliver, your prospective clients will feel – you have no real competitors.

Let that sink it. It’s important.

Good news.
The strategy described in this book is designed to dramatically and consistently improve how prospects see you and your cleaning business.

And, beyond revealing the overall strategy, you’ll find plenty of practical steps to successfully implement the ‘Measurable Guarantee of Performance’ marketing concept in your janitorial business or house cleaning service.

Interestingly, this idea, this marketing strategy – is overlooked by nearly ALL cleaning companies – making it an even better opportunity and of more value.

When the opportunity was offered to Dan and Tony to co-author a book with some of the country’s leading entrepreneurs who wanted to reveal the game-changing trends and strategies in their respective industries – they were excited to do so.

In their chapter of this book, Dan and Tony are finally able to give a detailed explanation of the Measurable Guarantee of Performance or MGP Strategy.

That’s right, this new, secret weapon strategy is described in specific steps in this book and is a unique way grow your cleaning business profitably by differentiating it ways that are important to their potential clients. It’s a compelling way to get and stay ahead of your competitors.

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