Employee Messaging

Screenshot of CleanGuru's Employee Messaging Functionality

Finally, instant employee messaging done right.

What do we mean?

Well, some software companies are set up for messages to be sent to all employees in a building, which might seem like a good idea.

But, have you ever noticed the response to ‘group’ texts? If your experience is anything like ours, it’s not what it’s cracked up to be.

You know, different people looking at the same text see things – differently. Ugh.

Some understand it the way the sender intended.  But, some, maybe many others misunderstand it, ‘reading into’ the group message ideas that may make them everything from confused – to furious!  

Group texts, like ones sent to all cleaners and managers in a building – may end up creating many more problems than they solve.  

Plus, there’s the whole issue of disgruntled people taking a ‘quick pic’ of the text message appearing on their screen.   

That’s why we created a better approach to employee message, one that lets you accomplish your goal, without creating misunderstanding and upset cleaners.

Our instant employee message lets you, the cleaning business owner, decide who will be allowed to text employee questions, reminders or instructions; ones not seen by everyone in the building, but rather only the person intended. 

The cleaner can then easily acknowledge the received the message, by sending a reply text to confirm what steps they will take to respond or follow up with additional questions to make sure they are clear about what needs to be done. The result, employee messaging – done better.


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