CleanBid is pre-loaded with bidding modules for all kinds of residential cleaning and commercial custodial services. Each module contains job-specific tasks that will help you build the most comprehensive proposal possible for the type of cleaning job you’re bidding on.

The modules are available individually as well, so you can build your CleanBid subscription to suit the needs of your commercial cleaning or residential maid service business. You can also add modules to your subscription whenever you’d like. Learn more about our module subscription options and choose the plan that’s best for your cleaning company.

For example, if your janitorial business handles mostly office cleaning services, you could select the janitorial module. But if you frequently need to bid on additional specialty cleaning projects, such as window services or tile maintenance, you can easily add those modules to your subscription package as well.

Click on the images below to explore each module individually and decide which you’ll need for your cleaning business.

Janitorial Office Cleaning – In this module, you can specify everything from building type and cleaning frequency to individual tasks, difficulties and floor types for the most accurate janitorial proposal possible. And, if you’d like, you can easily enter individual counts for items such as restroom fixtures, drinking fountains, and coffee stations.

Disinfecting Service – when asked to provide disinfecting services to help with challenges like Covid-19, the disinfecting module can be a valuable tool. For hand/backpack sprayer, electrostatic sprayer and fogger methods, you’ll get a practical work specification, specific price recommendation and 2 pg. liability waiver; all of which you can use ‘as is’ or customize.

Residential Maid Service – The maid service module is focused on residential house cleaning duties for a concise, but comprehensive home cleaning proposal. You’ll be able to see price suggestions for regular maid service and initial cleaning, as well as deep and annual cleanings. Plus, you can easily customize your bid with the click of a button to have stove or refrigerator cleaning included as well.

Carpet Cleaning – Whether you’re performing truck-mounted hot water extraction or using the bonnet pad, dry shampoo, or absorbent compound methods for carpet cleaning, the carpet module has you covered. You can include upholstery cleaning, deodorization, and protection, too.

Window Cleaning – Yes, we do windows! In fact, the window module lets you enter standard windows, sliding doors, and French panes by floor to start your bid. Then, it conveniently gives you price recommendations based on whether you’re bidding to clean the glass inside only, outside only, or inside and outside. Plus, you can quickly and easily bid on extra services, such as cleaning grids and screens or removing hard water deposits.

Tile Maintenance – Tile maintenance can be a profitable specialty service for both commercial buildings and residential homes. CleanBid covers everything from stripping and refinishing to scrubbing and recoating, scrubbing and rinsing, and hi-speed buffing. Plus, you can customize the bid by adjusting factors such as the number of coats of new finish (wax) you’re planning to apply.

Move-In/Out Cleaning – Sometimes called turnaround or make-ready cleaning, CleanBid’s Move In/Out module is there for you when you’re bidding on cleaning an apartment, condo, dorm or home. Someone has moved out, and you’re asked to get the space clean and ready for the new tenant or owner. You’ll love our pre-loaded room layouts and the ability to estimate the number of units to be cleaned, or turned, each month.

Post Construction Cleaning – General contractors often ask for post-construction cleaning to be quoted in phases. That’s why the construction clean-up module comes pre-loaded with three common phases: Phase 1: Initial/Rough Cleaning; Phase 2: Main/Final Cleaning; and Phase 3: Touch-up/Re-clean.

You’ll get price suggestions for each phase in total dollars and price-per-square-foot. You’ll be able to show each phase separately on your proposal or combine them into one total price. Plus, you’ll like the convenience of our window cleaning pricing tool, which comes ready with task wording and pricing specifically intended for these kinds of post-construction cleaning projects.

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