You’ll love seeing a timely, handy summary of reminders, metrics, and status everytime you sign into CleanGuru.

From quick linking to your Recent Bids, to easy access to Follow-up Emails scheduled to go out today, you’re going to enjoy the dashboard overview.

Plus, you’ll see the status of Invoices, ‘Current, Unpaid and Overdue‘.

You’ll be able to one-click through to see all of today’s Work Tickets, and reminders for the ones still needing to be assigned to an employee.

What’s happening today? Easy, just click Day View. Plus, Week and Month views are available too.

Who’s working right now? Easy, just click ‘Checked In‘ Now.

And, quality control Inspections are organized too; you can click on the ones for today, those still needing a Staff/Support inspector to be assigned to them, and finally, the ones overdue.

Status of Mobile Checklists? No problem; you can quickly see those ‘In Progress’, ‘Completed’, as well as click on to view the most recent checklists (last 30 days), or all.

Want to create a Bid, Invoice, Ticket, Timesheet, Checklist or Inspection? You can by using the convenient New button at the top right of the metric.

Plus, there’s a convenient ‘Edit Dashboard‘ feature to show as many or few of the metrics as you’d like. While the Master User can see all dashboard information if they’d like, Staff/Support personnel can only see the features they have been given access to.


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