Want janitorial inspection software for your cleaning business that’s more than just another janitorial quality control program?

Good news, CleanGuru not only offers an easy-to-use janitorial inspection app for use on your Smartphone or Tablet, it’s designed to become your favorite customer service tool for building client relationships and impressing prospects as well.  Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy.

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Here are 9 Benefits of CleanGuru’s Janitorial Inspection Software

Save Time, No Painful Set-Up

The first thing office cleaning companies using CleanGuru’s janitorial inspection app will discover is how fast and easy it is to get started.  Simply choose a janitorial bid or building type – and the inspection loads automatically from the template, showing areas unique to that specific bid or kind of building.

Plus, ratings and weightings will appear like magic, saving you the time and hassle of setting up everything from scratch.  You’ll be up and running in minutes, not hours.

Inspectors Will LOVE Inspecting

Sounds obvious, but the way some janitorial inspection software works, you wonder if anyone seriously considered what end users would actually like when it comes to navigation and ease-of-use.

But, in designing our quality control inspection app, we think you’ll quickly find we didn’t just think about creating a delightful user experience for cleaning business owners – we obsessed over it.

From how quickly you can create actual janitorial inspections – to how simple it is to note cleaning issues you come across when inspecting, you and your supervisors will love how easy checking buildings you clean can be with this innovative inspection app.

Customized Goals MOTIVATE

Next, you’ll appreciate being able to set a motivating score goal by customer for your cleaners; one that inspires your cleaning team, but not necessarily one of 100% perfection, which can become more demoralizing than motivating to an actual cleaning staff.

Plus, realistic score goals for service performance show your team you’re committed to the real, practical challenge of consistently delivering quality cleaning in the buildings and offices you serve, not just now, but ongoing.

Follow up is Clear, Convenient

You and your cleaning supervisors will like having a detailed work ticket created automatically for any inspection having deficiencies (cleaning issues)ready to use for needed follow up with the cleaner or cleaners at that building.

The work ticket won’t be cluttered with all the details of the entire inspection, but only the specific cleaning problems you noticed, so the  cleaning staff will quickly and clearly be able to see their ‘misses’ and focus on making the necessary corrections.

Plus, any ‘notes you jotted down or photos you took’ with your Smartphone will be saved and available to show cleaners too, so they can ‘see exactly what you saw’ and understand what needs to be done to get things back on track.

Build Customer Relationships, Impress Prospects

Our janitorial inspection software comes with a one-of-a -kind ‘Inspection Review’ form is a real customer pleaser – summarizing in a concise and easily understandable way the results of your latest building inspection; from identifying  targeted areas and items needing attention – to highlighting your ongoing quality control efforts in a bar graph and history of recent inspection scores by month.

Having an organized summary of your quality control efforts positions you as a true professional.  Plus, being able to have the option to email or print and deliver these cleaning results and reports in person to your client is a powerful advantage in customer service and relationship building.

Lost WiFi? No Problem, Keep Going

You and your supervisors won’t have to cancel or delay an inspection simply because you lose your WiFi or cellular signal.  That’s right, with CleanGuru’s janitorial inspection software you can keep right on inspecting; your data continues to be saved as you inspect on your mobile device and will be automatically synced when your internet connection is restored.

Always Know How Your Company Is Tracking in Quality Control

Our janitorial inspection software allows you to see the valuable ‘Average Score’ and ‘Inspection Count’ graphs on your desktop which gives you a clear, real time ‘snapshot’ of your quality control results and progress, displaying your company’s calculated counts and averages for those important metrics, by month.

Having an average quality score target for your janitorial, office cleaning business can consistently motivate your cleaning personnel in the important area of quality.

Better Decision Making with One-Stop-Shop Client View

When everything you want to see about a customer is instantly available in one convenient view, it’s easier to make better decisions. Thankfully, CleanGuru’s janitorial inspection app software allows you to make these more informed decisions.

For example, pull up a customer file – and, in addition to bids, tickets and invoices, your inspections will be there too; organized, detailed, summarized – waiting for you to review.

Build Your Brand and Reputation as a Cleaning Business Committed to Quality

With CleanGuru you’ll have inspection software that does much more than simply improve quality, but, in fact, actually helps you build your brand as a janitorial business committed to strong client relationship through ongoing, pro-active communication.

Plus, your company name and logo will be proudly displayed on inspections and client inspection reviews, placing your janitorial business in a positive light, as a commercial cleaning contractor who is serious about quality.

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