Screenshot of CleanGuru's Timesheet Functionality

10 Timekeeping Highlights

  1. The FREE CleanGuru app makes timekeeping simple and accurate
  2. Cleaners can clearly see their schedule; ‘when and where’ they’ll be cleaning
  3. GPS Geofence gives cleaning business owners control and is easy to set up 
  4. When a cleaner is late or signs in ‘outside the geofence’, an alert can immediately be sent to notify the supervisor 
  5. Hours are conveniently recorded and stored in timesheets as employees ‘sign in and out’ using their Smartphones
  6. Connected! You’ll love being able to click ‘Ticket #’ on a timesheet to see the work ticket the employee was signed into
  7. Cleaners can instantly ask a question or report a problem by just tapping ‘Supervisor’ on their phone to connect by call or text
  8. Assigning certain buildings to certain supervisors lets you control ‘which alerts they’ll receive’ and ‘which timesheets they’ll see’
  9. Plus, only staff support personnel you designate can change/edit timesheets 
  10. Finally – approving timesheets and generating detailed payroll reports is a breeze
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