The right feature can quickly move software from simply useful – to delightful. Having not one, but many of those kinds of features can transform your cleaning business! Check out this powerful list of CleanQC features specifically designed to let you quickly improve quality, delight customers and impress prospects.

Quick Start

No more painful setup! Simply choose a specific janitorial bid or building type (i.e. office, medical, etc) and your customized inspection form can be instantly created. You’ll be checking buildings using your mobile Smartphone or tablet right away. Plus, everything from ‘ratings and weighting’ to ‘areas and items’ is conveniently pre-loaded.

Easy Entry

Ratings on the inspection are conveniently pre-set. Simply change them for any area where you find cleaning issues. That’s right, leave the rating ‘as is’ or click-on your own grading for cleanliness – saving time, every time you inspect. The rating is instantly updated and used to re-calculate a current average area score.

Multiple Rating Scales

Your janitorial business may have a unique way to grade/measure cleaning performance, different from the standard ratings appearing automatically. No problem, just choose from one of the optional rating scales available such as ‘Very Good, Average and Poor’, ‘Pass/Fail’, ‘Sat/UnSat’ or ‘Grade’ – or create your own custom rating scale if you’d like.

Custom Score Goal

You can easily set custom Score Goal percentages to measure cleaning performance while keeping your staff motivated and informed, rather than simply frustrated. Results will be conveniently shown on the Performance Review, which will quickly become your most valuable customer service tool for developing ongoing, positive communication with building owners and property managers.

Works In or Out of WiFi

Lost WiFi signal? No problem, keep inspecting! Your data will be saved and auto-synced when your WiFi signal is restored. That’s right, important inspections won’t need to be rescheduled or cancelled; CleanQC stores your inspection data, so it can be loaded automatically when you’re back online.

Graphic Dashboard

Get a clear ‘snapshot’ of your quality control efforts; scores and progress. CleanQC gives you a real-time, easy to understand view of your company’s cleaning performance, including average quality score and inspection count by month. Cleaning business owners want convenient ways to track important metrics. Now, they have one for measuring quality control.

Performance Reviews

Our impressive Inspection Review form consists of several easy-to-read, graphical reports highlighting your quality control efforts in a productive, professional format you can email or print and deliver. You’ll love the convenient chart of ‘best and targeted’ areas, as well as the score history showing up to 12 months of cleaning performance results.

Email or Print Review

Email or print and deliver a Performance Review for any customer. Plus, you can include a link to the actual inspection. When you can’t make an in-person customer service visit to review cleaning with your client, you can still send a professionally formatted report summarizing your cleaning company’s ongoing commitment to quality control.

Logo Branding

Build awareness of your cleaning company’s ongoing commitment to quality, having your logo prominently and proudly displayed on all completed inspections and customer review forms. Proper and consistent logo placement gets you noticed and remembered in a positive light; as a janitorial business who is serious about quality control

Photos? Yes!

Taking one or more high-resolution photos on your Smartphone and having them saved directly in your inspection is fast and easy with the CleanQC mobile inspection app. Now when your supervisor or inspector notices a cleaning issue, they’ll have a quick way to capture what they saw, to review later with the cleaners in the building.

Signatures? Yes!

When reviewing inspections, have your cleaners add their digital signatures using a Smartphone or tablet to quickly and easily increase accountability. Plus, having your inspector, even your client, enter their signature makes it easy to maintain accurate documentation. Securing signatures is a convenient recorded acknowledgment of the ongoing quality control process.

Follow-up Work Tickets

You’ll love having follow-up work tickets created automatically for any inspection where cleaning deficiencies were recorded during the inspection. They’re not only a great tool to review with your cleaners, they serve as an important quality control procedure for your cleaning business; ensuring you provide necessary follow up at every building you clean.

Inspection ‘Snapshot’

Get a convenient one-page review of key details including inspection number and score, along with how many ‘inspects’ were performed and average score for each area. You’ll manage quality better with that kind of information at your fingertips. And, simply click on any area to drill- in and see or edit individual ‘inspects’.

One-Stop-Shop Client View

Now, all the important documents you need to manage your janitorial business, everything from ‘bid proposals and work tickets’ to ‘inspections and invoices’ are available in one place, one view. Just click on what you specifically want to see about that customer and CleanQC will drill in and bring up the details you’re looking for.

Include Inspection in Proposal!

CleanBid Members can do even more with CleanQC, by strategically placing an impressive promotional page and sample inspection right in their bid proposals – with a click. That’s right, instantly highlight your janitorial company’s commitment to ongoing quality control in a clear, compelling way that will impress even your toughest prospects.

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