Free Cleaning Business Software Features

Enjoy these FREE features to run your cleaning business efficiently

Whether you’re learning how to start a cleaning business or simply trying to find new and more effective ways to keep your existing one growing profitably – having the right features in your janitorial software can really make all the difference.

Here’s are several important features that come standard at CleanGuru:


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Our invoicing program is designed specifically for the needs of commercial janitorial businesses and residential house cleaning services and FREE to all CleanGuru Members.

How would you like an invoicing program where you’ll be able to bill for consumable poly/paper restroom supplies like toilet paper, hand towels and trash liners is as easy as you do for your monthly cleaning services.  

You’ll love how quickly you can create a template for standard invoices using our pre-written service descriptions. Then, you can simply print your invoices or better yet, have them emailed directly to your client automatically each week or month if you’d like.

That’s right, set up can be done in just minutes, and a professional invoice with your company information and logo will be emailed to your client based on the schedule you gave it. 

You’ll love how our powerful email verification feature lets you know that your invoice was delivered successfully.  Plus, you’ll even be able to click on ‘history’ to see the exact date and time the invoice was actually viewed by your customer.


CleanGuru Scheduling Screen Shot
  1. You’ll like how easy it is to schedule everything from one-off carpet cleaning jobs to periodic tile maintenance projects. And, when it comes to recurring jobs, like regular office or housecleaning accounts, you can just as simply set one up, as well as customize the frequency, budget and schedule time.
    Plus, with just a few clicks, you can pick a client, create a work ticket and assign it (with color code) to an individual cleaner or team.  Editing a ticket or changing a schedule is just as simple on our user-friendly Day View.
  2. Dispatching cleaners or cleaning teams is easy when you can choose from multiple calendar views; giving you a quick way to see each employee’s availability to help overbooking or double booking. 
  3. CleanGuru’s one-of-a-kind horizontal and vertical ‘drag and drop’ feature lets you easily move a ticket or inspection on the Day View of the schedule to change not just when you want work performed, but who the work assigned to as well. 
  4. Use the convenient filter feature on the schedule views to see just what you want to see, nothing more.  You’ll enjoy how the clear, uncluttered schedule view helps you make better decisions.
  5. Changes made to tickets or inspections anywhere in the program, instantly and automatically update, so now, with the latest edits in place, everyone sees the most current information.
  6. Many scheduling software programs offer a ‘Week’ view of schedules, but our unique approach to the important ‘Week’ view displays tickets in appropriate sizes that are easy to read – not reduced and distorted.
  7. Our searchable List View lets you to quickly find any work ticket or inspection you need.
  8. Using our latest CleanGuru App, cleaners can know their own schedule, complete tickets assigned to them and use our timekeeping feature to record their sign in and out times. 
  9. Cleaners can use download the free mobile app from CleanGuru to access their own schedule, report problems or contact a supervisor.  Managers can be assigned additional access to view all schedules or only the ones for certain buildings.
  10. Late alerts automatically sent to notify supervisors when cleaners are late or sign in outside the Geofence of the building they’re assigned to.


  1. The FREE CleanGuru app makes scheduling and timekeeping a breeze for both cleaning business owners and cleaners.
  2. Each cleaner can see instantly see their schedule; ‘where they’ll be cleaning and when’ on their Smartphone.
  3. GPS Geofence can quickly be set up for every building and home your company cleans. 
  4. If a cleaner is late or ‘signs in’ outside the Geofence, an alert can be sent to immediately notify the cleaning manager or on-site supervisor assigned that evening.   
  5. Hours are recorded and stored in their timesheets as managers and cleaners ‘sign in and sign out’ using their Smartphones at each building or home they visit.
  6. You’ll love the connected-ness of CleanGuru timekeeping, for example, instantly being able to ‘click the Ticket link’ on any timesheet to see the work to be performed
  7. Plus, using the convenient CleanGuru app, if something important comes up while a cleaner is at work, they can instantly contact (call or text) the supervisor by simply tapping on the ‘Supervisor’ button on their Smartphone
  8. Next, by assigning managers or on-site supervisors’ access to all or only certain buildings, cleaning business owners can easily control ‘which managers receive which alerts’ and ‘which managers can see which schedules’ 
  9. However, while managers you allow can see all or some schedules and timesheets, only managers you designate can actually change/edit them. 
  10. Plus, reviewing and approving timesheets, then generating Payroll reports has never been easier.
Janitorial Software Time Keeping Example

Ready-to-Use Marketing

You asked for it – now, you’ve got it!

That’s right – ready-to-use marketing, you can easily and instantly add to your janitorial bid proposals to educate and impress prospects about what sets your cleaning business apart from competitors.

With a click, you can instantly include one or more powerful one (1) page System or Service Highlights …  right in your janitorial bid proposal!

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Alerts & Notifications

You’ll like being able to set up alerts for late check-ins or ones made by cleaners outside the geofence for each building or home you clean. Your supervisors will like getting notifications on their mobile device when these alerts occur, to help better manage the night’s work.

Leverage the power of GPS technology in our timekeeping app to help monitor your cleaning operation; while always being able to choose which alerts you want active, and which you don’t. Plus, your managers can be notified of alerts even when their CleanGuru app is closed.

Put the power of the ‘alert and notification’ feature to work for you; doing the important monitoring tasks you simply can’t do without this useful GPS technology.

CleanGuru Janitorial Software Alerts & Notifications Screenshot

Employee Messaging

Finally, instant employee messaging done right.

What do we mean?

Well, some software companies are set up for messages to be sent to all employees in a building, which might seem like a good idea.

But, have you ever noticed the response to ‘group’ texts? If your experience is anything like ours, it’s not what it’s cracked up to be.

You know, different people looking at the same text see things – differently. Ugh.

Some understand it the way the sender intended.  But, some, maybe many others misunderstand it, ‘reading into’ the group message ideas that may make them everything from confused – to furious!  

Group texts, like ones sent to all cleaners and managers in a building – may end up creating many more problems than they solve.  

Plus, there’s the whole issue of disgruntled people taking a ‘quick pic’ of the text message appearing on their screen.   

That’s why we created a better approach to employee message, one that lets you accomplish your goal, without creating misunderstanding and upset cleaners.

Our instant employee message lets you, the cleaning business owner, decide who will be allowed to text employee questions, reminders or instructions; ones not seen by everyone in the building, but rather only the person intended. 

The cleaner can then easily acknowledge the received the message, by sending a reply text to confirm what steps they will take to respond or follow up with additional questions to make sure they are clear about what needs to be done.

The result, employee messaging – done better.

Janitorial Business Software Employee Messaging

Contact Supervisor

Cleaners who have a convenient way to report problems can help supervisors stay informed, even correct potential problems – earlier and easier.

Using the user-friendly CleanGuru app, with one click cleaners can text or call the supervisor in charge.

Cleaning business owners can quickly set up who they want to be contacted.  Plus, changing the supervisor to be contacted can be easily changed from day to day or shift to shift.

Everything from reporting a leaky pipe or burned out light to a carpet or tile floor needing additional maintenance, the CleanGuru Contact Supervisor feature keeps your management team informed, so they can avoid being caught off guard by an issue.

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Cleaning Business Software CRM

Our CRM, is a virtual one-stop-shop for securely storing, organizing and viewing contact info, notes, and appointments, as well as, important linked documents including bids, work tickets, invoices, schedules and timesheets for cleaning businesses.

As you grow, securely organizing and saving important prospect and customer info is essential.

A big part of winning janitorial contracts is having easy access to review key building data when you need it.  Being able to review your latest notes from recent conversations or meetings with your current client can quickly get you up-to-date as you prepare for your next scheduled customer service visit.  Janitorial proposals can be customized based on things you learn and record in your CRM.

Have an ‘active prospect’ who just signed an office cleaning contract? You can easily change their status to ‘active customer’.   Or, maybe there’s a prospect you want to stop pursuing temporarily, but you don’t want to lose their information.

No problem; simply change their status to ‘inactive’, and everything will still be there for when you’re ready to add them back to the pool of cleaning prospects you’re actively marketing to.

Our CRM also holds other kinds of useful notes and details, such as billing information, security access codes and any other data you may want to keep on file for future reference. 

CleanGuru Mobile App

Download CleanGuru Mobile App on Google Play
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INCREDIBLE is a strong word.

But, we really do believe that’s what you’ll be thinking and saying about the CleanGuru mobile app from the very first time you give it a try.

Here’s why…

Using our mobile app on your Smartphone or other mobile device, you’ll be able to run your cleaning business – even when you’re not in your office.

For starters, it makes bidding a cleaning job – a breeze.

When using CleanBid on the CleanGuru app, you can instantly enter room measurements or square footages right actually during your walkthrough or afterwards, if you prefer, in your car. 

You’ll also be able to quickly and easily adjust work specifications, calculate cleaning times, set prices, even create a proposal and email it to the prospect – ALL without ever having to go to your office.

Next, when using CleanQC on the CleanGuru mobile app you’ll be able to quickly and easily inspect your buildings as part of an effective quality control plan.

Just create your inspections from one of your bids or a building type (office, medical, school, manufacturing etc) if you prefer – and you’ll be up and running.

That’s right, areas, items to check and default ratings come up automatically, so all you need to do is change the rating for any cleaning issue you find. 

When you’re done, with a click you’ll be able to create a convenient and understandable work ticket, showing just the cleaning issues, to easily review with your cleaners.

Then, you’ll love this…. you can email an impressive graphical performance review of any inspection to your customer – right from your Smartphone or other mobile device.

The CleanGuru mobile app is that easy, that fast – that effective. Plus, it’s absolutely FREE when you’re a CleanBid or CleanQC Member.

Email Verification

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It’s important. 

Did your prospect get the bid you sent?

Did your customer open the invoice you emailed them?

Did your cleaner get the work tickets they need for that night?

Did the property manager get the monthly inspection they requested?

We know how much it matters. 

These are the important documents you email to land new jobs, keep employees informed, follow up with current customers – and get paid.

That’s why we designed a powerful feature to answer the questions you have when sending these proposals, invoices, inspections and tickets.

We call it Email Verification.

It tracks the progress of the documents you send and then keeps you informed – letting you know the current status of the process.

Plus, it’s reported using easy to understand color codes you’ll quickly be able to identify, so you can quickly know if what you sent is actually getting to the person you sent it to – and just as importantly, if ‘they’ve opened it’.

The answers from our Email Verification feature can replace ‘confusion and worry’ with ‘answers and confidence’.

Yellow indicates the email was sent and is waiting for a delivery response

Blue indicates the email was received by the server

Green means the email was opened by the recipient

Red indicates the email was refused; bounced, blocked or marked spam

Plus, simply click on the email verification line and you’ll be able to see additional supporting details as well as view a PDF of the document you sent.

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