Our CRM, is a virtual one-stop-shop for securely storing, organizing and viewing contact info, notes, and appointments, as well as, important linked documents including bids, work tickets, invoices, schedules and timesheets for cleaning businesses.

As you grow, securely organizing and saving important prospect and customer info is essential.

A big part of winning janitorial contracts is having easy access to review key building data when you need it.  Being able to review your latest notes from recent conversations or meetings with your current client can quickly get you up-to-date as you prepare for your next scheduled customer service visit.  Janitorial proposals can be customized based on things you learn and record in your CRM.

Have an ‘active prospect’ who just signed an office cleaning contract? You can easily change their status to ‘active customer’.   Or, maybe there’s a prospect you want to stop pursuing temporarily, but you don’t want to lose their information.

No problem; simply change their status to ‘inactive’, and everything will still be there for when you’re ready to add them back to the pool of cleaning prospects you’re actively marketing to.

Our CRM also holds other kinds of useful notes and details, such as billing information, security access codes and any other data you may want to keep on file for future reference. 

Screenshot of the Customer View for CleanGuru's CRM Software
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