How does CleanBid® work?

CleanBid comes pre-loaded to make things easy when you’re bidding on cleaning jobs. That’s right, based on our over 20 plus years of real-world cleaning experience, we’ve programmed the janitorial software with:

  • Detailed work schedules call job specifications by building type and cleaning frequency
  • Industry specific cleaning tasks and production rates
  • Pricing formulas including both cost + profit, as well as hourly rate methods
  • Professional proposals you can easily customize, then print or email

Now, here’s the exciting part:

CleanBid Janitorial runs your building’s measurements and the pre-loaded information listed above through a series of powerful work loading calculations. That’s how we estimate cleaning time which is important when bidding on office cleaning jobs.

You’ll get detailed job specifications, calculated cleaning times, monthly price recommendation and a professional proposal, customized for the building you’re bidding on.

CleanBid Tile, Carpet, Window, Construction, Move In/Out and Residential Cleaning come pre-loaded with work types and detailed task descriptions unique to these kinds of specialty work, designed to set you apart from your competition. Plus, you’ll be able to account for other factors like wage and difficulty when you’re determining your price for the cleaning contract.

How is CleanBid® different than other bidding programs?

First, CleanBid is web based, mobile and database linked – by prospect or customer!

That’s right, it’s online! So, you don’t have to download any software.

Second, it’s mobile, so you can use it anytime and anywhere you have internet, using your laptop or favorite mobile Tablet or Smartphone.

Next, because it’s updated automatically, you don’t have to worry about loading the latest version of the modules you’ve signed up for!

Other janitorial bidding programs can be expensive to buy, complicated to set up and difficult to learn and use. Not CleanBid!

That’s right, CleanBid Janitorial comes pre-loaded, so it instantly puts the power of sophisticated workloading in the hands of cleaning contractors without the expense and difficulty of other programs.

The CRM, calendar, work ticket and invoicing features come FREE when you sign up for CleanBid, so you can track every one of your contacts, bids, notes, appointments, to dos, work tickets and invoices – automatically.

And, remember – because everything can be ‘linked’, you’ll be able to review everything by individual prospect or customer in a convenient snapshot!

Can I show wages and prices for my city?

You bet!

On the Janitorial Price tab, just change the hourly wage, if you’d like, to better reflect your city or company requirements. Since labor is the biggest expense in nearly all cleaning jobs, simply updating the wage rate to reflect your location or company requirements – goes a long way in helping to generate competitive yet profitably priced cleaning bids.

In CleanBid Janitorial, you can also change the payroll tax, overhead and profit percentages as well. In all CleanBid Modules, you can take the price recommendation ‘as is’ or easily change it to the amount you prefer.

What do I have to do?

Your part is easy!

Simply jot down the sizes or measurements of the space you are bidding on during the building walkthrough – or, if you’d like, impress your prospect by entering them directly into the janitorial software using the mobile app on you favorite mobile device, Smartphone or Tablet.

Once you’ve entered your information, you’ll be amazed when you watch CleanBid instantly generate calculated times (janitorial), price recommendations and a professional cleaning proposal for you.

That’s right – you’re all set.

But, if you want to make changes to customize your bid proposal – you can, such as adjust the price, edit the wording of the job descriptions or proposal language, as well as decide which of the reports that come standard with CleanBid you want to include.

CleanBid makes it easy for any janitorial business or house cleaning service to get a price recommendation and ready-to-deliver or email cleaning proposal in minutes – online!

Does CleanBid® suggest a specific price for my bid?

Yes, when you’re bidding on office cleaning jobs, this janitorial software gives you specific price recommendations based on our research and over 20 years of experience in the cleaning industry.

In the janitorial module, the price our office cleaning bidding software recommends is based on a cleaning time per visit (hours) calculated in a detailed workloading process rather than simply an overly generalized, one-size-fits-all production rates or worse yet, mere guesstimates.

The Hours figure is then used in the expense and profit calculations on the Price tab to arrive at a final suggested dollar amount. Plus, the bidding software app ‘warns’ you if the calculated price doesn’t meet minimum price requirements.

The result is a price you can use, as is, or easily adjust to reflect your location or company.

How quickly will I have access?

Since CleanBid is a cloud based janitorial bidding software, you’ll have complete access to the entire program – in just minutes.

That’s right, as soon as you select your CleanBid Plan and complete the short sign up process, you’ll be able to log-in to the janitorial software app immediately using your secure codes.

And remember, as a first time member, you will receive 30 days of the CleanBid Plan you selected – absolutely FREE.

Then, unless you cancel before the end of your FREE trial, you will begin to be auto-charged each month your account remains active – giving you ongoing, 24/7 access.

However, you’re free to cancel at anytime, stopping any further charges. However, you’ll be able to re-activate your account anytime.


Can I make changes?

Absolutely! That’s the great part of this janitorial software!

You can change, add or remove areas.

You can change, add or remove measurements.

You can change, add or remove tasks.

You can change the price of your bid – as well as the wording of your proposal!

It’s just that easy!

How does CleanBid ‘know’ what to charge for my city?

Whether you’re just starting a cleaning business or have been running your existing one for years, CleanBid helps with one of the biggest challenges you face, namely, how to price janitorial jobs.

However, members love how useful our Janitorial Module is in calculating average cleaning hours needed per day, as well as providing a specific price recommendation based on that time – it cannot, of course, know what you might personally feel you need to charge based on the number or nature of your competitors, the specific ‘going rate’ of your city or your own company’s financial requirements.

That’s why we provide an easy way for you to show some of the important wage, profit and expense figures for your city or company. These adjustments can go a long way in making the price calculations more accurate for your cleaning business or location.

Put differently, since the biggest expense in many, if not most, janitorial, office-cleaning jobs is labor (wages), allowing members to easily update wage rate for example, to reflect their company or city – goes a long way in helping to arrive at a competitive yet profitable price.

While the other CleanBid Modules (Carpet, Tile, Maid, Window, Construction and Move In/Out) do not use direct cleaning time calculations in determine suggested price ranges, adjustments can easily be made to the recommendation based on, in part, member changes to one or more variables, such as wage or difficulty.

Can I bid on tile and carpet using the Janitorial Module?

Yes, if you’re bidding on common hard floor maintenance tasks like damp mopping and standard carpet cleaning duties such as vacuuming, the janitorial bidding module may be all you need.

Plus, if you simply want to mention in your cleaning proposal that you are prepared to quote on specialty tile or carpet maintenance projects such as ‘scrub and recoat’ or ‘hot water extraction’ – then, again, the CleanBid Janitorial Module may be exactly what you’re looking for.

However, if you want specific pricing recommendations as well as task descriptions for Work Types such as stripping and refinishing of waxable tile or hot water extraction of carpet, then the CleanBid Tile and Carpet Modules are probably a much better fit. They come pre-loaded with task descriptions and price recommendations for those kinds of maintenance projects

Does CleanBid® provide reports?

Absolutely! This janitorial bidding software gives you a number of impressive, professional reports including detailed job specifications as well as summaries of hours and measurements broken down by area.

Plus, for office cleaning jobs, you can print a convenient price summary for the building you’re bidding, showing expense and profit figures for reference. The cleaning proposal along with one or more of these impressive reports can give your janitorial business the competitive edge you’ve been looking for!

To see them now, click here!

What else do I get when I join CleanBid?

When you use the CleanBid janitorial software, you’ll get other valuable online business tools at no additional charge, including:

  • FREE Invoicing Program – gives you professional invoices you’ll be proud to send
  • FREE CRM functionality – lets you ‘link’ appts, bids, tickets & invoices – by company name
  • FREE Calendar – gives you a convenient mobile way to track your day, week, month
  • FREE Consumable Products Calculator – when estimating poly/paper supply cost
  • FREE Work Tickets – print & post a practical task schedule to cleaning closet door

To Sign Up Now, click here!

What if I can’t get a list of detailed room measurements?

No problem, this janitorial software won’t let you down. That’s right, CleanBid has a powerful and convenient feature called Express that loads measurements for you automatically when you’re bidding a janitorial job and all you know is the total square footage of the area in the building to be cleaned.

Simply enter that figure in CleanBid Express and this valuable feature breaks up the total cleanable square feet into areas using pre-set percentage estimates for the type of building you’re bidding on.

You’ll be able to make changes to customize the areas or tasks to reflect the building you’re bidding on, select a price – and in minutes, you’ll have a professional cleaning proposal ready to print or email to your prospect!

To view the CleanBid® Express demo, click here!


What is the minimum subscription length?

One month – that’s right, with our online and mobile janitorial software, there are no long term contracts required.

We’re so confident our system will work for you; we’re willing to offer our service on a month-by-month basis.

How much does CleanBid® cost?

You can pick from one of the following four convenient plans when using the CleanBid janitorial bidding software.

Our Basic Plan at $35/mo. gives you a full month of access to one (1) CleanBid Module, choose one of the following: Janitorial, Tile, Carpet, Construction, Move In/Out, Residential and Window.

Our Plus Plan at $55/mo. gives you a full month of access to one (1) CleanBid Module, choose one of the following: Janitorial, Tile, Carpet, Construction, Move In/Out, Residential and Window AND CleanBid Express!

Our Deluxe Plan at $65/mo. gives you a full month of access to two (2) CleanBid Modules, choose one of the following: Janitorial, Tile, Carpet, Construction, Move In/Out, Residential and Window AND CleanBid Express!

MAX Plan for $75/mo.- gives you a full month of access to ALL seven (7) CleanBid Modules including Janitorial, Tile, Carpet, Construction, Move In/Out, Residential and Window AND CleanBid Express!

Plus , you can change your plan online making it easy to maximize your value and reflect the changing needs of your cleaning business.

Are there any other charges beyond the monthly membership fee?

No, there are no additional costs or charges for using the CleanBid janitorial software. All you’ll pay is the monthly membership fee for the plan you’ve chosen.

What if I have a billing question?

No problem, if you have any question about your CleanGuru Account, you can quickly and easily get in touch with Customer Support using the Contact Us link or call our office directly at 888-531-4878 Monday- Friday 9 AM–5 PM EST

How do I cancel? Is there a cancellation fee?

You can cancel your membership at any time. We don’t require any long term contracts when using our janitorial software.

You can call us directly at our office or simply log-in, go to ‘Account’ at the top of the Home Page and click on ‘Cancel CleanBid’.

Plus, because CleanBid is a pre-paid service, your access will continue until the end of your current paid subscription period, so, you will not be charged any additional fees for canceling.

More good news! For one full year after canceling your CleanBid Membership, you can quickly and easily re-activate your prior account by simply logging back in – using your Secure User Name and Password at the log-in screen.

All you’ll need to do is select the CleanBid Plan of your choice, your credit card will be charged the appropriate monthly fee for the plan you choose and you’ll have instant access to your existing bids, if any, in the modules associated with the plan you select.

What if I have a problem, question or need help?

If you have any questions about our janitorial software, we want to help! You can call us directly at 888-531-4878 Monday through Friday 9 AM – 6 PM EST or send in your question anytime at Contact Us.


Do you have an App?

Yes, we have a FREE CleanGuru app for our janitorial inspection software. For Apple devices, you’ll find it at ‘The App Store’, while for Android devices simply go to ‘Google PLAY’.

You’re going to love how convenient and user friendly janitorial software can be when you use our convenient, free app on your Tablet or Smartphone.

Plus, wait until you see how impressed prospects are when they see you using it during your next building inspection walkthrough.

Is there any software to install on my computer?

No, CleanBid is a ‘cloud based’ application. By offering you cleaning business software this way, we can ensure you’re always running the latest version of the program.

Rather than being tied down to the laptop the software is loaded onto, CleanGuru programs can be used anywhere you have internet access using your favorite tablet or Smartphone.

Can I use CleanBid® with a Mac®?

Yes, you can use a Mac® with an Internet connection to access CleanBid®

Why is online, cloud based software like CleanBid, better?

Online janitorial software, commonly referred to as ‘cloud based’ or ‘shared server’ programs the dominant trend in the business software industry; popular with both large and small companies for many reasons, including the favorable cost and support factors.

With CleanGuru, there is no software to install, minimal computer hardware requirements, and it allows for anytime, anywhere access. That’s right, as long as you have wi-fi or cellular internet connection, you can use office cleaning software offers to access data from your laptop, Smartphone or Tablet

What are the system requirements for running CleanBid®?

  • Internet connection.
  • Browsers including Internet Explorer®, Mozilla Firefox® or Google Chrome®.
  • Both Apple and Android Apps are available for use on your Smartphones and Tablets


Is my bid information secure?

Yes, when you go to sign up – your online order is placed through Authorize.net, a reliable and secure ordering system using 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Internet Protocol (IP) connection.

In addition, we maintain your security using a similar 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Internet Protocol (IP) connection. And all of your bid information is password protected and backed up automatically.

What if I forget my User Name or Password?

Simply go the CleanGuru log-in page, and click on ‘Forgot password?’ You will be asked to enter your e-mail address.

Password reset instructions and your user name will be sent immediately.

Where is my data stored?

We store your data on our secure servers. Next to your finances, your data is the most important asset to your company.  We backup your data every day and you are the authorized users have access to your inspection data.

How long do you keep my information if I cancel or my account is closed?

Once canceled, your account and bid information will be held for one year.

If you re-activate the CleanBid janitorial bidding software within that year, you’ll have immediate access to all applicable bid and preference settings as well as the features and module(s) of the Plan you select at that time. Once the year is up, the data may be permanently deleted from our server.

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