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Whether you’re just starting a cleaning business or have been running one for years, finding a reliable and professional way to handle billing – is important.

Good news, our invoicing program is not only designed specifically for the needs of commercial janitorial businesses and residential house cleaning services – it’s FREE to all CleanGuru Members.

How would you like an invoicing program where you’ll be able to bill for consumable poly/paper restroom supplies like toilet paper, hand towels and trash liners is as easily as you do for your monthly cleaning services.  

And, speaking of billing for your cleaning, you’ll love how quickly you can create a template for standard invoices using our pre-written service descriptions. You can, of course, simply print them, but better yet, you can have them emailed directly to your client automatically each week or month if you’d like.

That’s right, set up can be done in just minutes, and a professional invoice with your company information and logo will be emailed to your client based on the schedule you gave it.

You’ll love how our powerful email verification feature lets you know that your invoice was delivered successfully.  Plus, you’ll even be able to click on ‘history’ to see the exact date and time the invoice was actually viewed by your customer.

Next, when a check comes in, you’ll be able to quickly apply the payment by searching by either customer or invoice number.  And, finally, you’ll love being able to view useful reports such as ‘Sales by Customer’ and ‘Invoice Aging’ – all of which can be drilled into when you want to look at the supporting details.    

And, again, one of the best parts of this revolutionary invoicing program is not only that it’s designed with you, the cleaning business owner in mind, but, that it’s available at no additional cost to every CleanGuru Member.


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