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Mobile Checklists

Inspections can be an important part of quality control in your janitorial company.

But, smart cleaning business owners know…

having a convenient mobile checklist showing everything they need done – each visit – for cleaners to ‘follow and complete’ right on their phone, well….

THAT’S not only important, but easy to implement and cost effective too!

That’s right, not requiring the added cost of hiring more inspectors.

Yep, finally a practical, mobile checklist to:

1/ let cleaners know exactly what needs to be done, and

2/ for you to quickly review…in one handy report!

Plus, to get ‘up and running’ fast, our unique mobile checklist automatically comes with…

  • customized lists of pre-loaded tasks for the kinds of cleaning your employee will be performing; you simply ‘click’ to select!

  • photo feature, so your cleaners can conveniently add useful pics to show their work or identify issues in the building.

You’ll love how easy it is to review checklists every morning in one handy report.

Plus, it’s included FREE in our MAX and MAX Plus Plans, ready-to-use for up to 10 cleaners!


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