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Janitorial Inspection Software

More than just an innovative quality control software and easy-to-use janitorial inspection app, CleanGuru will quickly become your favorite customer service tool – and new client magnet.

You’ll love being able to create inspections by simply choosing a bid or building type and your inspectors will love how easy it is to check the cleaning in buildings with a mobile app that works even they’ve lost the WiFi signal. That’s right, they can keep inspecting; CleanGuru saves their data and automatically ‘syncs’ it when they’re back online.

Plus, you can use the standard rating scales that come pre-loaded or easily create your own custom scales. You can adjust the Score Goal percentage as well, to set challenging yet reasonable targets, to keep your cleaner staff positive, motivated and focused.

Next, ratings on the inspection are conveniently pre-set. All you need to do is change them for any area where you find a cleaning issue.  That’s right, simply leave the rating ‘as is’ or give it your own grade for cleanliness – with a click. Inspections become fast and easy to perform.

You’ll be able to quickly review everything on a convenient one-page summary or ‘snapshot’ of the inspection; including the average score and number of inspects – by area.

When you’re done checking a building, just mark the inspection ‘complete’ and a useful follow-up work ticket will be instantly created, making it easy to review cleaning deficiencies with your employees.

Inspectors will appreciate how easy it is to ‘take and save’ digital photos of cleaning problems they notice when checking buildings, and to include detailed notes.

Plus, you can have your cleaners as well as inspectors, even your clients, add their digital signatures, if you’d like, to increase accountability and provide the necessary documentation.

Next, you’ll love the innovative Performance Review that is automatically available for each inspection you perform. It is extremely professional and the graphic design makes it easy to read, understand and review with clients. Plus, you can email or ‘print and deliver’ any Performance Review to a customer, highlighting your ongoing quality control efforts.

Finally, CleanBid Members can do even more with CleanGuru, highlighting their commitment to quality, by strategically placing an impressive promotional page and sample inspection right in their janitorial proposals – with a click.

This QC software and janitorial inspection app is a game-changer; giving you everything you need to improve quality, delight customers and impress prospects.

Don’t wait, if you’ve never tried CleanGuru before, you can try it now, for 30 days – absolutely FREE.

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