Email Verification

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It’s important. 

Did your prospect get the bid you sent?

Did your customer open the invoice you emailed them?

Did your cleaner get the work tickets they need for that night?

Did the property manager get the monthly inspection they requested?

We know how much it matters. 

These are the important documents you email to land new jobs, keep employees informed, follow up with current customers – and get paid.

That’s why we designed a powerful feature to answer the questions you have when sending these proposals, invoices, inspections and tickets.

We call it Email Verification.

It tracks the progress of the documents you send and then keeps you informed – letting you know the current status of the process.

Plus, it’s reported using easy to understand color codes you’ll quickly be able to identify, so you can quickly know if what you sent is actually getting to the person you sent it to – and just as importantly, if ‘they’ve opened it’.

The answers from our Email Verification feature can replace ‘confusion and worry’ with ‘answers and confidence’.

Yellow indicates the email was sent and is waiting for a delivery response

Blue indicates the email was received by the server

Green means the email was opened by the recipient

Red indicates the email was refused; bounced, blocked or marked spam

Plus, simply click on the email verification line and you’ll be able to see additional supporting details as well as view a PDF of the document you sent.


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