The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing

In this game-changing book, The Next Big Thing, Dan and Tony reveal an incredibly powerful strategy to help entrepreneurs, regardless if they’re just starting a cleaning business or have been running one for years.

It is a game-changing idea to dramatically and consistently improve how clients feel about the cleaning your staff delivers for their building or home.

But, beyond a simple idea, you’ll also find plenty of practical steps you can use to successfully implement this unique customer retention concept in your janitorial business or house cleaning service.

Interestingly, this idea, this strategy – is overlooked by nearly ALL cleaning companies – making it an even better opportunity and of more value.

When the opportunity was offered to Dan and Tony to co-author a book with some of the country’s leading entrepreneurs who wanted to reveal the game-changing trends and strategies in their respective industries – they were excited to do so. In their chapter of this book, Dan and Tony are finally able to give a detailed explanation of the NOTICE-able Cleaning Strategy.

That’s right, this new, secret weapon strategy is described in practical steps in this book and is a unique way cleaning business can get and stay ahead of their competitors by putting in place a series of small changes to how they clean.

In fact, using this approach can provide an ongoing, reliable way for janitorial businesses and maid services to consistently create valuable ‘opportunities for delight’ – put differently, for clients to notice and appreciate the cleaning being provided by the building service contractor in their facility.

Again, customers don’t necessarily appreciate what you do – they appreciate what they NOTICE. In reading this book you’ll learn any number of practical ways you can move quickly your cleaning company from being invisible and unappreciated to noticeable and appreciated. And, that can make a NOTICE-able difference to you and the future of your cleaning business.

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