Add Day PorterWhen you’re starting a cleaning business, you may not realize some buildings require more than traditional evening cleaning. But, they do, and often it’s commercial cleaning accounts where there are a large number of employees working.

Building owners and managers in these kinds of facilities sometimes require a day porter to be available additional hours each day, often during busy times, to touch-up or completely clean specific areas like restrooms or break rooms.

When you’re bidding on a janitorial job and the prospective client asks you to include a day porter service in your proposal, it’s nice to use janitorial software that can handle it – quickly and easily.

Good news, with CleanBid, you can. That’s right, you’ll always have a convenient way to accurately add a day porter service to any janitorial bid you’re working on?

Simply click on ‘Add Day Porter’ in Options, enter how many days a week they’ll be working and how many hours each day ,and – you’re all set.

The hours will be conveniently added to the top of the Price tab for the purpose of setting your monthly price, and a full set of professional tasks, commonly related to this kind of service, will added to the job specifications.

You can use the cleaning task list just ‘as is’ or make changes to reflect the account you’re bidding on. Sometimes, building owner and managers have particular duties they want performed such as policing of carpeted areas, re-cleaning of restrooms or break rooms or simply touching up of lobbies or conference rooms.

Plus, sometimes your contact at the building may want the day porter to check in with them each day to see if there are any special cleaning projects that have come up and need to be performed that day, possibly related to an upcoming meeting, training session or customer visit.

You’ll love how fast you’ll have the Day Porter Service added to your bid and how professional it looks in your cleaning program.

Be sure to watch the video on this page to see how convenient and valuable this tool can be.

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