Area Room Measurement DemoYou want your janitorial bidding software to let you record detailed building measurements.

This one does.

To start, we’ve pre-loaded CleanBid based on our research and more than 25 years of real world experience in the cleaning industry.

Everything from industry-specific cleaning tasks with production rates to detailed schedules for the building type and cleaning frequency you select.

Next, so you can bid the cleaning contract as accurately as possible, you can account for the specific measurements of the facility, as well as item and fixture counts, displayed for each area of the building.  If you’re in the walk-through phase, you probably already know several details about the office building or home, such as:

  • Building type
  • Square footage
  • Cleaning frequency
  • Floor types

Best of all, after you’ve entered the specific details including measurements – you can calculate a quote for the requested services and generate a professional cleaning bid proposal.  Again, you can include individual dimensions or total square footage measurements for:

  • Entrances
  • Lobbies
  • Conference rooms
  • Offices
  • Break rooms
  • Hallways
  • Restrooms
  • And others

Can’t get a detailed list of area measurements?

No problem; sometimes, for whatever reason, you simply can’t get a detailed list of measurements for a building you’re bidding on.

All you need to do is enter an estimate of the total size of the building to be cleaned, and CleanBid Express will do the rest, breaking up and loading measurements for you - automatically.

Building Measurement: 10 Helpful Tips.

The area measurement feature also allows you to change the floor type (i.e. carpet, waxable tile), level of cleaning difficulty, and frequency. Plus, you can add additional areas for rooms not already listed and create a customized list of tasks for them. See Item/Task Management for more details.

Sign up for a 30-day FREE trial today and see how convenient and easy to use this area measurement feature is.

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