Cleaning Bid Management DemoWant your janitorial software to track specific prospect or customer information so it’s quickly available when you need it? This one does - using a powerful CRM ‘linking’ feature.

That’s right, our customer relationship management or CRM, is a virtual one-stop, snapshot of all the important ‘things’ you want to know about any specific prospect and customer, including linked cleaning bids, work tickets, invoices, notes and appointments.

Have a prospect who just signed up as a new client? You can easily edit their status to ‘active customer’ - to instantly reflect the change.

Want to stop pursuing a prospect - temporarily, but don’t want to lose their information? No problem – just move them to ‘inactive prospect’ for now, and everything will still be there when you’re ready to add them back into your 'active prospect’ pool.

And, of course, the CRM feature holds important notes and details, such as billing information, security access codes, and other key data you want to keep on file. Plus, it’s secure and can only be accessed by using your authorized user name and password.

Import Bid Data

Import Bids

Want to save time by importing measurements from another cleaning bid? In most cases, you can.

For example, to prepare a tile maintenance bid for one of the buildings where you already clean the office at night – all you need to do is select 'New Bid' and click 'Import'.

You'll choose the existing bid you want to bring in measurements from – and give the new bid a name.

The basic contact information will automatically be brought into the INFO tab of the new bid, while the measurements from the existing bid will be imported into the AREAS tab – in the same areas, in the same amounts and with the same floor types as in the original bid!!!

How’s that for convenient?

Then, you'll be able to choose one or more of the work types (i.e. strip and refinish, scrub and recoat) and select a frequency for each.

When you go to the PRICE tab, you'll see the measurements have been imported from the original bid – but, conveniently, only the total of waxable tile will appear in the box used in calculating price recommendations.

New Version of an Existing Bid

New Version Bid

Want to create a new version of an existing cleaning bid? You can - using the NEW VERSION feature.

You'll be able to quickly and easily bring in all the information from one of the bids you already have on file - including contact info, measurements, tasks and pricing – into the new bid you're creating.

In minutes, you'll have a new version of a bid already on file, but, this time - reflecting some change you wanted to see.

For example, let's say, you need to prepare want to create a 3x/ week office cleaning version of a 5x/ week office cleaning bid you already have on file.

You simply click NEW VERSION, choose the existing bid you want to change and give the new bid you're creating a name.

Just like that, all of the contact info, measurements, tasks and pricing data is there – ready for you to edit or leave 'as is' in creating your new version of the janitorial bid.

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