Calculate Average WageWhen you’re bidding a janitorial job, there are times when the size of the account requires the scheduling of more than one person per visit. In those cases, when the cleaning staff and site supervisors earn different rates of pay, it makes business sense to use an average wage calculation when determining labor expense and ultimately price.

However, getting a weighted average wage or pay rate is useful but not always quick or easy to calculate. That’s where CleanBid’s Average Wage Calculator comes in.

That’s right, you’ll finally have a fast, easy and accurate tool to calculate an average wage for janitorial contacts requiring multiple cleaners per night. And, when we say average, we mean weighted average. That’s important because a weighted average reflects the hours scheduled at each pay rate.

Then, simply click ‘Use’ and that average wage figure will automatically appear in the Wage box on the Price tab, so you can start calculating your total expense, profit and price for the job.

Determining average wage is particularly helpful when an onsite leader is scheduled in a building, since their wage may be significantly higher than, for example, the rest of the cleaning staff, particularly part time employees, and could significantly ‘throw off’ the final labor cost estimate if not factored into the calculations.

Plus, you’ll have a useful record to go back to of how you arrived at the average wage figure for that job along with a description of each member of the team, such as part time cleaner or site leader. How’s that for a handy reference?

Janitorial bidding software that includes features like this one can instantly make bidding cleaning jobs easier and more accurate. The average wage calculator link is conveniently displayed right next to ‘Wages’ on the Janitorial Price tab, so it’s ready anytime you’re bidding an office cleaning job with multiple cleaners or supervisors at different pay rates.

Be sure to watch the short video on this page to see how convenient and valuable this tool can be.

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