QuickBooks ExportOne important part of any effective cleaning business plan needs to include a strategy for getting and staying. Managing the financial side of your company is important, no matter if you’re just starting your cleaning business or have been running one for years.

When it comes to accounting software, QuickBooks is one of the most popular programs available today. It helps users organize their business finances in one place.

Since many cleaning businesses use QuickBooks, we made it easy for our CleanBid Members to export some of their important customer bid data such as name, address and email to that accounting program. Plus, you can review and edit the details before you begin the export.

When you’ve bid on a cleaning job and landed the account, it’s important to set up customer data in all the places you need it – without having to manually re-enter it. That’s why we created a convenient way for our users to export customer information to the QuickBooks software.

Cleaning business owners need to keep every part of their business organized. We hope this export feature gives our users one more way to do just that.

Be sure to watch the short, faced paced video on this page to see just how easy exporting some of your important customer bid data can be.

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