Real Workloading SampleFinding janitorial bidding software that performs detailed workloading for commercial cleaning contracts isn’t easy. Most gives you oversimplified cleaning times per visit figures based on crude guesstimates or one-size-fits-all production rates, not shown by individual cleaning task.

However, the good news is - ours does. So, why is that important?

With the amount of competition you face today, real, detailed work loading gives you a valuable, more specific picture of the cleaning time needed by task, by area and of course, by building. From there, you’re better able to determine competitive and profitable prices for office cleaning jobs you’re bidding on.

In fact, in the janitorial module, we use actual room measurements, specific cleaning tasks and frequencies to workload your cleaning bid in a detailed and professional way.

CleanBid’s workloading feature lets you include every task a cleaning job requires, specified by area, frequency, and even floor type (i.e. carpet, waxable tile). Then, it calculates an hours-per-visit figure you can use ‘as is’ or adjust if you’d like to reflect your company’s requirements.

Our recommendations for office cleaning times are calculated on a proprietary set of production rates from our own research and over 25 years of industry experience rather than a overly generalized, one-size fits all industry ‘standard’ list.

Instead, CleanBid is pre-loaded with our own proprietary list of tasks and times, which our members find useful in determining average daily cleaning time as well as monthly prices. Plus, we adjust, update or add to the list as cleaning methods, equipment and technologies develop, increasing production rates.

There is a wide ranging difference in services each customer may require from a cleaning service; what is expected by one client may be considered completely unnecessary by another. However, while underlying, pre-programmed production rates are not able to be changed by users, members can change the total time (hours) at the top of the Price tab, as well as add custom tasks and times to reflect the specific needs of their own cleaning business.

Working from a suggested task schedule templates such as those pre-loaded in the CleanBid provide users a helpful starting point from which they can quickly and easily make changes such as adding or removing areas or cleaning tasks, as well as, changing cleaning frequencies or the overall daily cleaning time required.

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