Constantly improving and fabulous customer service

Ok, so CleanBid doesn’t have everything I want, BUT they are constantly improving and their customer service is fabulous!

They always return calls promptly – no two or three day wait and, yes, you get to talk to a LIVE person who really wants to help solve your problem, not just get you off the phone so they can get back to their break.

I balked at the price a bit at first, but here’s a thought: You have a broom and a vacuum, both clean. The broom is much less expensive. The vacuum cleans better and faster.

Personally I prefer my business to be – the vacuum. The vacuum cost more, but if you look at cost verses value, it’s a no brainer.

So, for all you fence sitters, dust off your bottoms and make that step. If you get stuck, just ask for help – they will be there!

Tina Davis
Havana, Florida