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CleanBid is AWESOME! You won’t believe how easy it is to use! The bids come out amazing, and I love CleanBid!

I’ve been looking for years for help on bidding, this is a life-saver! All I can say is – try it for yourself.

Monique Sierra
Diamond Cleaning LLC
Albuquerque, NM

CleanBid is a wonderful company. Tony and Dan were very helpful. We love the funny, but true stories, of when they started.

The website is so easy to use. They take the guess work out… and help bring the money in! Thanks again for such a great product.

Lorraine Stumpf
Admiral Cleaning Services
Fort Collins, CO

Thank you so much for your program. You guys have helped me bring my dream into reality in 1 year!!  Now, I have more time to work on management and increasing business.

I’m more confident when presenting proposals… and my accountant has acknowledged the increase in profit!

Justine Atkins
Atkins & Goolsby, Inc.
Birmingham, Al

I must say, after hours of studying the ‘pros’ of how to bid for a potential contract -  signing up for CleanBid is worth every cent.

The process is so simple.  I produced 2 proposals in a matter of hours. CleanBid Express is awesome! All I can say to the Gurus is THANK YOU!

May God bless your business 100 fold!

Andre’ Fullwood
Double A Facility Cleaning
Waterford, MI

It is very simple! You just enter your information, and CleanBid will add up all your sq. ft. and customer information for you. It even puts everything automatically on the proposal!

It will save you a lot of time! All you will have to do is sit back and watch Cleanbid do the work for you.

Freddie Hickeson
Texas Best Janitorial Services
Fort Worth, TX

CleanBid allowed me to go online, change the terms of a bid, print it, and get it signed…without leaving the customer’s sight!

Recently, I bid an 11 story building in Texas against several other companies.

The facility manager had a one-page spec sheet, and was blown away at the benchmark bid I was able to produce…within hours of landing in town!

Al Olsen
Next Level Services
Millville, MA

Once signed up, I submitted a proposal the very next morning – and landed the contract; I couldn’t believe it!

The cool thing was – I only had a few hours to get it in, so being that it was so user-friendly made the process that much easier!

Corey Christian
Myles Maids & Personal Care Service
Pittsburgh, PA

Wow! After losing time and money with my franchise, I decided to go it alone. CleanBid made that possible for me!

It saved me lots of time & money, and provided my cleaning company with a professional image.

Curt Jasper
JCG Commercial & Construction Cleaning
Douglasville, GA

You guys are awesome! I had seven bids to write, and doing it my way would have taken me at least two weeks.  Using CleanBid, I had all seven done in six hours!

Mandy Simon
Clean Encounters
Puyallup, WA

I’ve been in the janitorial business for 22 years. I had a property manager, approach me about bidding on a group of buildings.

Putting together a proposal was going to be an all-day affair. Then, I got on-line and found CleanBid.

What a life-saver! I put my proposal together… in about 10 minutes! The final draft was the most professional-looking proposal I’ve ever presented! Thanks for such a great product.

Bob Kinsey
Kinsey Enterprises, Inc.
Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Thank You! Thank You! Your system is great. I’ve been bidding jobs for years. It’s never been this easy and quick! I went out to bid on a couple jobs, after signing up.

I looked at the business in the morning, came back, entered my information and had the bid in the mail the same day! The bids looked so professional. I was proud to sign my name to them!

The clients commented how quick our response was. They were impressed. The one other cleaning company’s bid arrived – AFTER we had already started cleaning there! This is what I’ve wanted and needed for years!

John Parkovic
AmericanMaid, Inc.
Harrisburg, PA

I love the changes made to your website. We have been very happy with the service provided, and it keeps getting better.

CleanBid is now even more user friendly! Thank you again for the great online program that we have grown to depend on!

Matthew Crawley
Provost Building Services, Inc.
Golden Valley, MN

WOW!! I’ve only been a member for a day and my very first bid got accepted! In addition to that, CleanBid has cut hours of me calculating cost… down to minutes! Thanks CleanBid!

J. Price
Extreme Clean
Birmingham, AL

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