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Cleaning Business Coaching

Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels when it comes to growing your cleaning business?

You’re not alone. Many cleaning business owners face stiff competition from low-balling national maintenance management outfits and slick-talking franchise operations. Fierce competition leads some cleaning businesses to slash their prices to win a bid. Profitability suffers.

So what’s a cleaning business owner to do? Sign up for our CleanSuccess video cleaning business marketing and training series, so you can level the playing field with your toughest competition.

We’ve combined our years of experience in the janitorial industry with marketing insights learned from hours spent pouring over books, attending seminars, and conducting trial-and-error experiments in our own cleaning business to see what actually works and what doesn’t.

We practiced what we’re preaching and turned our small, floundering ‘mess of a cleaning business’ into a profitable cleaning company generating over $2,000,000 a year in business.

You can do it, too, with CleanSuccess.

But, this program isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for someone to hand you an instant fix or magic brochure – CleanSuccess isn’t for you. Those one-and-done solutions are often more hype than substance and could leave you more confused and with less money than when you started.

CleanSuccess is different.

This program is a serious, long-term training for serious cleaning business owners who want long-term results. Our fast-moving, information-packed, 10-to-15 minute video training sessions focus on everything from how to attract potential clients to strategies on how to get and stay profitable.

Every episode is personally delivered by Dan, with one new episode released each week so members receive a steady flow of powerful marketing, selling and profit ideas, tips and strategies over time.

The order of the videos is pre-set and pre-scheduled to maximize learning by allowing one idea or set of principles to build on another, rather than merely dumping all the training on you at once.

The weekly CleanSuccess coaching videos are deposited into your online video vault so you can view them in an area secured by your member pass codes. And, as an active member, you can go back any time to re-watch any prior episode in your growing video library.

The videos come with personal notes from Dan summarizing the episode for future reference and study.  


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