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CleanSuccess FAQ


What is CleanSuccess?

Whether you’re just starting a cleaning business or simply looking for new ways to grow sales and increase profits in your existing one, CleanSuccess has practical answers to help. You’ll discover important ways to improve your cleaning business plan.

CleanSuccess is the premium video coaching series Dan recorded to share clear explanations of the practical marketing, selling and profit steps and strategies he and Tony used to build their own janitorial business. And, the principles revealed can work just as effectively for building a profitable residential house cleaning service.

The episodes are super-practical and fast paced, about 10-15 min. in length and video episodes. Plus, most episodes come with detailed notes from Dan, which are great for reviewing and implementing the cleaning business building strategies described in the videos.

Plus, you can decide how fast you want to get the videos – from every other week or weekly to as quickly as twice episodes a week for the real go- getters out there. But, while you’re a member, you can go back and review previous episodes any time you’d like.

Will it find me leads?

No, CleanSuccess isn’t a lead generation service designed to find building owners and managers in your city wanting a janitorial cleaning proposal for their office.

Unlike pricey telemarketing and appointment setting businesses which ‘gives a fish’ to a cleaning business owner (often at a hefty cost and sometimes the fish is a bit stinky too ), CleanSuccess is designed to teach cleaning companies ‘HOW to fish’ so they can do it for themselves – when they want, how they want and whenever they want.

The CleanSuccess videos are designed for commercial building service contractors and residential maid services who not only want to learn how to grow their businesses, but also how to get profitable or if they’re already profitable – how to stay that way.

What does CleanSuccess teach about marketing?

We teach office cleaning companies and maid services the power of creating and promoting unique marketing messages, we call Measurable Guarantees of Performance or MGP’s, for short.

We don’t, however, tell you what your MGP must be or exactly what your marketing piece has to say, since that would suggest all cleaning businesses are the same – which they’re not.

Instead, the real power, the real attraction and the real results come from learning how to create a small handful of these kinds or marketing messages - that uniquely reflect your cleaning business. In the CleanSuccess videos, Dan clearly explains how to do just that.

Will I be getting any magic brochures ?

Will I be getting any magic brochures?

No, unfortunately – effective marketing doesn’t come with one-size-fits-all answers. So, we won’t be handing out any ‘magic’ brochures to send out.

But, the good news is - there are strategic steps to effective marketing, and we slowly and clearly reveal and explain those steps in the CleanSuccess video series.

Why are the videos 1) in short installments, and 2) in a specific sequence?

Regardless if someone is wondering how to start a cleaning business or is simply trying to grow faster and more profitably, the CleanSuccess video coaching series was sequenced to maximize their meaning and value.

That’s right, these coaching ‘sessions’ are in a specific order to increase understanding and therefore - results, often with one idea building on another previously introduced. This helps reinforce and expand principles explained in earlier episodes.

The videos are about 10-5 minutes in length, designed to be fast paced and filled with detailed examples and tips to keep members motivated members with a practical ‘game plan’, rather than overwhelmed with too much or overly generalized information.

Therefore, every new member begins with video #1 – followed by a new video every other week, every week or twice per week - depending on the CleanSuccess Plan selected. However, members can change which plan they’re on to fit their own time constraints and goals.

Can I buy all the videos at once?

No, while we appreciate the offer, we believe it’s important to stay with the pre-programmed, scheduled format.

CleanSuccess delivers short, but useful coaching videos on important marketing, selling and profit tips or strategies - following a specific schedule, rather than simply having all the information essentially 'dumped' on cleaning business owners all at once. We believe it is important in maximizing real understanding, systematic implementation - and therefore results.

Any program works well for some, but not necessarily for others. So, the format or sequence of this series may not be right for everyone. That’s why we’re happy to provide every first time member a 30 Day Trial to CleanSuccess absolutely FREE to see if it’s a good fit for them.

Why don’t I get everything all at once?

While some janitorial coaching programs are ok with simply loading up cleaning business owners with everything all at once, we felt this ‘one bite at a time’ installment approach would be most beneficial for our members - with the ideas from one episode or installment building a foundation for later messages and/or adding additional examples or meaning to prior ones.

In addition, we wanted to tap into the increased retention and value that teaching concepts in smaller - every other week, weekly or twice per week installments can offer.

In this way, we can give each member time to think about and 'digest' one or two new ideas or strategies, rather than everything at once.

And, we felt the spaced out episodes provided a greater possibility of actually being implemented by members; allowing small, manageable steps to be taken over time, rather than getting very little or nothing at all by becoming overwhelmed, all at once.

We have been pleased to hear from a number of members who enjoy the format of shorter, pre-scheduled visits as a way of keeping 'in touch' and 'on track' regularly - to stay informed and motivated.

Do you cover HR and operational issues like hiring, scheduling, training, supplies, equipment, quality control and accounting?

While all of these issues are important to ‘visit’ in when planning to start a cleaning business or ‘revisit’ in trying to find ways to have your existing one run smoother and more profitably.

But, for this particular video series, the answer to whether they are ‘covered’ is - Yes and No.

Yes , in that we do touch on most, if not all, of these issues in one way or another in some of the videos in the series. No, in that it isn’t the focus of the video series.

When a marketing, selling or profit strategy touches on an operational or HR issue, we may discuss it briefly, explain how it relates to an overall profit goal or simply offer a practical strategy on the topic.

We have been pleased to hear from CleanSuccess Members who value the unique focus of this video coaching series. In the future, we look forward to creating additional programs focusing on topics, like the ones mentioned in the question.

Is CleanSuccess different than what you discuss in your book, ‘Discover the Guru in You’ or the FREE series ‘Flip My Cleaning Business from Painful to Profitable’?

Dan and Tony are proud of their book and FREE email series. In fact, a number of the principles discussed in them also appear in the CleanSuccess Series.

However, many powerful ideas and strategies covered in CleanSuccess are brand new and still others which may appear in the book or FREE series - are approached or presented quite differently in this video coaching series including greater explanation and examples.

In CleanSuccess, Dan seizes the opportunity to clearly describe the steps and strategies he and Tony used to build their cleaning business to other building service contractors and residential cleaning companies - in an understandable and systematic way.

Do you suggest specific Social Media?

We believe where commercial cleaning companies and residential house cleaning services decide to share their message, while important, is not nearly as important as – the message itself.

So, rather than chase after the latest hot social media trend, we teach how to consistently create compelling marketing messages about your unique cleaning business to ‘attract rather than chase’ new accounts.

However, where you decide to promote your message is something we discuss in this video coaching series because it shows how well you know your target market, as well as, the most efficient and effective ways to reach them.

Our ‘message-driven marketing’ is what we believe - improve results, regardless of whether you use direct mail, web site presence or Social Media.

Plus, we discuss the critical concept of having a systematic approach to your marketing; one designed to create a steady, on-going stream of interest from new prospects – rather than the choppy response an on-again, off-again approach can bring.


What else do I get as a CleanSuccess Member?

Being a CleanSuccess Member makes you a CleanGuru Member - and, the FREE business building tools every CleanGuru Member gets access are great whether you’re just starting a cleaning business or have been running one for years. They include:

First , you’ll get CleanGuru’s user friendly INVOICING program designed specifically for janitorial businesses and residential house cleaning services. You’ll love the professional looking invoices you’ll get; ready to email or print and mail.

Next, you’ll get our CRM or Customer Relationship Management feature absolutely FREE. It tracks every one of your contacts, bids, notes, tickets, invoices, appointments and ‘to dos’- by company name, automatically.

Plus , you’ll also get a convenient Online and Mobile Calendar AND when used with the CRM, it gives you a powerful one-two punch for tracking and pursuing new clients.

And, finally, you’ll love getting our Consumable Products Calculator , another FREE tool and a real lifesaver when you need an estimate for poly-paper restroom supplies like hand towels and hand soap.

Can I go back and review previous videos?

Yes, absolutely! Any active member can go back and watch any prior videos – anytime.

Are there notes with the videos?

Yes, nearly all the videos have accompanying notes which are handy for study and review.


How much is CleanSuccess?

There are three (3) CleanSuccess Plans to choose from depending on how many training videos you want to get each week:

The fee for our standard ‘Weekly’ Plan is just $49/mo.

However, for those who don’t mind getting the videos a little slower to get an even lower price - our ‘Every other Week’ Plan is just $29/mo.

And, for those real go-getters out there who want to get their hands on this information as fast as possible, we have a ‘Twice a Week’ Plan at $59/mo.

Plus, you can change your plan if you’d like, so the cost and amount of information matches your cleaning company’s changing needs or circumstances.

Is CleanSuccess FREE if I’m a CleanBid Member?

No, CleanSuccess is a completely separate program. Unlike CleanBid which is a workloading and bidding software, CleanSuccess is a video coaching series on marketing, selling and profit strategies, with its own monthly membership fee.

What if I don’t like the speed or sequence of the series?

One of the challenges we face, of course, is that anyone can sign up for the new video coaching program which means we have members ranging from those just starting a cleaning business and want to get their hands on this training to start off on the right foot, to veteran building service contractors who have already built successful companies, but want to stay on top of any new ideas to help their business grow even faster or more profitably.

So, the lay out and schedule of the program represents our best attempt to satisfy all parties.

Plus, we do offer three (3) different CleanSuccess Plans designed to provide options for how quickly or slowly a member would like to receive the coaching videos.

However, if the sequence in which the subjects are covered or the speed of the schedule it’s delivered are simply not what someone is looking for - we completely understand. CleanSuccess, like any coaching program, will not be a perfect fit for everyone.

But, we want every CleanGuru Member to be completely happy with whatever janitorial software or coaching program they use. Therefore, we offer a 30 Day trial membership to CleanSuccess absolutely FREE, so first time members get a chance to see if the format is right for them, before they invest a cent.

How do I cancel? Is there a cancellation fee?

You can cancel your membership at any time. We don’t require any long term contracts.

You can call us at our office or simply log-in, go to ‘Account’ at the top of the Home Page and then click on ‘Cancel CleanSuccess’.

Because CleanSuccess® is a pre-paid service, your access will continue until the end of your current paid subscription period – and you will not be charged any additional fees for cancelling.

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