How is CleanGuru’s inspection app different from other inspection software programs?

Here are 4 BIG ways:

#1 No other inspection app loads inspection templates automatically from a bid.;

That’s right, you won’t have to suffer, trying to figure out HOW to build your inspection – completely from scratch.

Our done-for–you approach makes CleanGuru’s Inspection App the fast and easy way for janitorial cleaning businesses to check/inspect buildings.

#2 Our one-of-a-kind ‘Performance Review’ report highlights the hard work you and your staff are delivering in the important area of quality control, in an impressive, yet easy-to-understand graphical format – solidly positioning your commercial cleaning company as both professional and committed to quality assurance.

#3 With 1-click you’ll instantly impress prospects with your decision to use this innovative quality control inspection software – by including a powerful PROMO-page and Sample Inspection right in your cleaning proposal!

#4 Oh, here’s one we think you’re going to LOVE; EVERYTHING is not called ‘an inspection’.

We noticed (and maybe you have too) other janitorial inspection programs seem to call every room, every area, seemingly everything – ‘an inspection’.

It can be terribly confusing, and truthfully, it made us crazy.

You see, we know when experienced cleaning business owners talk about ‘an inspection’, they mean – the inspection form – and score for – 1 building.

So, to keep things simple, we call every individual room checked in the building ‘an inspect’.

For example, you may decide to perform 15 ‘inspects’ in the Office Area, 4 ‘inspects’ in the Restroom Area and 1 ‘inspect’ in the Conference Room Area… but all as a part of your ONE (1) monthly inspection of a building.

So now, with CleanGuru’s janitorial inspection software, your inspector goes out and completes 3 or 4 building inspections a night, not 300- 400!

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