What do I have to do?

Your part is easy!

Simply jot down the measurements in square feet of the space you are bidding on during the building walkthrough – or, if you’d like, impress your prospect by entering them directly into the CleanGuru mobile app on your favorite device; Smartphone or Tablet.

Plus, you can use our convenient Express feature if you can’t get the individual room dimensions and all you know is the total size of the building to be cleaned.

Express will break up the total and load measurements, by area, for you – automatically!

Once you’ve entered your data, you’ll be amazed to see CleanGuru can instantly give you a calculated time (janitorial), price recommendation and professional cleaning proposal.

That’s it, you’re all set.

But, if you want to make changes to customize your bid proposal – it’s easy; from adjusting the price and editing job descriptions to customizing the proposal wording and deciding which reports and ready-to-use marketing pieces to include in your bid.

It all comes standard with CleanGuru.

That’s how CleanGuru makes it easy for any janitorial business or residential cleaning service to get a price recommendation and professional cleaning proposal… in minutes!

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