Why don’t I get everything all at once?

While some janitorial coaching programs are ok with simply loading up cleaning business owners with everything all at once, we felt this ‘one bite at a time’ installment approach would be most beneficial for our members – with the ideas from one episode or installment building a foundation for later messages and/or adding additional examples or meaning to prior ones.

In addition, we wanted to tap into the increased retention and value that teaching concepts in smaller – every other week, weekly or twice per week installments can offer.

In this way, we can give each member time to think about and ‘digest’ one or two new ideas or strategies, rather than everything at once.

And, we felt the spaced out episodes provided a greater possibility of actually being implemented by members; allowing small, manageable steps to be taken over time, rather than getting very little or nothing at all by becoming overwhelmed, all at once.

We have been pleased to hear from a number of members who enjoy the format of shorter, pre-scheduled visits as a way of keeping ‘in touch’ and ‘on track’ regularly – to stay informed and motivated.