Work Tickets

{modal|width=640|height=480}Work Ticket Management Demo{/modal}At first, your questions may be about how to start a cleaning business. But, in a short time, one of other important questions can’t be ignored it, for example, how to get the work done as promised.

That’s where work tickets come in.

Work tickets, like the ones provided in the janitorial software from CleanGuru, gives cleaning businesses an easy and professional way to maintain control over a cleaning job, even when they can’t be on-site to supervise.

Detailed work tickets explaining all the specifics about all the cleaning you’ve promised to perform for each building you clean is practically- required. These forms can be convenient yet critical summaries of not only standard data such as basic location, tasks and frequency information, but of client ‘hot spots’, security/access procedures and time restrictions as well.

Plus, work tickets can be created for all the kinds of cleaning you offer; from standard office cleaning, construction clean-up and move in/move out services to project work such as carpet cleaning, tile maintenance and window cleaning.

Commonly thought of as standard ‘marching orders’ for your on-site, office cleaning staff or specialty floor crew teams to follow, work tickets do represent a practical and valuable list of all the key steps needing to be followed; so no task is forgotten or left partially completed.

Again, it’s important to remember, work tickets aren’t just useful to post on the cleaning closet door as a ‘nightly task schedule’ (although it definitely does do that well), it also functions well as a great work management feature for specialty jobs that aren’t performed during every visit, such as window washing.

Plus, work tickets are very customizable. They can be organized and saved by customer or filed by project, so you’ll never have to shuffle desperately through a bunch of papers again.

Next, you can include useful contact information, directions to a facility, as well as building or office-use-only notes so your work ticket will quickly become a valued resource for both on-site cleaners and route crews alike.

Finally, and you’re going to love this.  When you’re a member of CleanQC, our janitorial quality control program – with a click, you can create a work ticket for any completed inspection. The format is  conveniently ‘short and sweet’, only showing the cleaning issues you found while checking the building; perfect for fast and easy review with your cleaners.

Be sure to watch the short video on this page to learn more about this practical tool.



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