Getting ‘Flak’ in Your Cleaning Business? You May Be ON TARGET!


People don’t always LOVE change, do they? Nope – it can be hard to implement new ideas and strategies, and when you do – you can definitely ruffle a few feathers. However, very often the amount of resistance or ‘flak’ you get from your staff, managers or employees is in direct proportion to the importance […]

What REALLY Makes A Great Presentation, Part 2

Last time, I explained how cleaning contractors who take the time to prove to prospects they truly understand what they’re looking for from their next cleaning company (you know, GET IT) – stand the best chance of landing the account. And that’s true but only if, and it’s a big IF, they take the next […]

Make Some Time for ‘Cleaning Business’ Talk!

Make Some Time for Cleaning Business Talk

No shortage of places to talk, are there? Nope, in addition to our cell phones, we can text, email and now ‘chat’ on social media sites such as Facebook, Linked -In, and Twitter. But, what about cleaning ‘business’ talk? Watch this short video to find out what this ‘business’ talk is all about – and […]

What REALLY Makes A Great Presentation Part 1

Well, YOU, of course. Your Attitude, Your Professionalism, Your Thoroughness, Your Attention To Detail. All that’s true, no doubt about it. But today, I want to point out one thing you can do to move beyond a good presentation to what makes a REALLY great presentation. Here’s the first part… You have to absolutely, without […]

Nothing’s a Problem, Until It’s a Problem – THEN it’s a Problem!

Nothing's a Problem, Until It's a Problem

Cliches. Just because an expression is old, doesn’t mean it isn’t still true today. Watch this short video to be reminded of a cliché we’ve talked about before, that can truly save you tons of aggravation and then a NEW one, that’s well a little weird but you may be incredibly glad you heard it […]

Prospects Leave Valuable Clues

Last time, I promised to tell you about another key to success when meeting with prospects. And here it is: Prospects leave valuable “clues” for us. The kind of clues, that if we learn to look for, listen for and react to in the right way can dramatically improve our chances of success during the […]

Why I’m SICK of National Cleaning Management Companies!

Why I'm SICK of National Cleaning Management Companies

National Cleaning Management Companies. National Maintenance Management Companies. Whatever you want to call these outfits, watch this episode to see why Dan is sick of ‘em and what you can do to beat ‘em NOW. While the glory days of the proud, local, independent cleaning businesses may seem all but gone; CHANGE is coming. And […]

You Need To Know What They Want

Sure, when you go out to do a walk through of a building, you’ll be getting the measurements of the rooms and restroom fixture counts…. but the main reason you’re there is to find out what the prospective customer WANTS. Think about it. You’re there to ask the questions ranging from basic things such as “How […]

What a Junk Removal Business – Can Teach a Cleaning Business!

What a Junk Removal Business - Can Teach a Cleaning Business

Looking for an exciting example of a company that has practically and singlehandedly ‘reinvented’ an entire industry – changing what was formerly a slow growing and unglamorous service into a fast growing and profitable business model? Well, in this video Dan will give you one – a dynamic example of identifying hot button customer issues, […]

The Keys To A Successful Walkthrough Part 3

So, you’re prepared, on time and have met the receptionist. Now what? Well, of course, when your contact comes to the lobby, be ready to meet him or her with a pleasant smile, warm handshake, and professional and positive attitude. Those things seem obvious. But here’s a tip to remember when you’re waiting to greet […]

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