The Secret to Marketing and Selling Janitorial Services: Aim to be NEXT

The Secret to Marketing and Selling Janitorial Services

It’s not what you’re used to hearing, is it? No, you’re used to hearing how you have to land the sale, NOW, whatever it takes. We say, ‘Baloney!”. But, don’t think that means we’re willing to accept anything less than having a cleaning business that’s fast growing, profitable and fun to run. It doesn’t. In […]

How Your Janitorial Business Can Stay Within Arms Reach of Prospects

Your Janitorial Business Can Stay Within Arms Reach of Prospects

It’s not sexy. It’s not the latest marketing fad in cleaning business. It doesn’t have to be. What are we talking about? Direct Mail. That’s right- good, old-fashioned, direct mail. It’s the marketing method that went the way of the pet rock and the hula hoop if you believed the ‘internet is everything’ guys. We […]

Janitorial Business Prospects – Call or Send Them Something?

Call or Send Them Something

NOW what? You’ve got your target list of buildings. You’ve got the names of the decision makers at those buildings. So, should you call or send them something? Well, in this fast paced video we not only give cleaning contractors the surprising answer, we also warn about the danger of only doing it the wrong […]

Do Customers REALLY Want ‘White Glove’ Cleaning?

Do Customers REALLY Want 'White Glove' Cleaning

Perfect Cleaning? Is that what your customers want? You might think so if you’d listen to and believed some of your wacky competitors who boast about “We’ll never miss a trash….EVER!” or “We still have our FIRST customer!” or “Take the “white glove’ test…. your current janitorial company might fail it ….but we wouldn’t!”. Uh-huh, […]

Just Being ‘Green’ Won’t Save Your Janitorial Business

Being Green won't save your janitorial business video screenshot

It’s nearly all you hear about, isn’t it? How you better get your janitorial business on the ‘green train’…and fast! Well, here’s the shocker: Just being ‘green’ isn’t going to be enough to keep you growing profitably. Nope. It might be ‘politically correct’ to think that being ‘green’ is the answer to everything that ails […]

Reinvent Your Janitorial Business Before It’s Too Late

Reinvent Your Janitorial Business Before It's Too Late video screen shot

Is your janitorial business on track to thrive, survive or ‘take a dive’? Well, it’s going to go one of those three directions whether you like it or not – so you’re better off grabbing the steering wheel and turning things in the direction you want to go. Things have changed so dramatically in the […]

“Bonded and Licensed and Insured”… Oh, My!

It’s got to stop.  Really; overused phrases like the one above have been used so often and with so little affect that they can barely be called marketing messages anymore. The only thing worse might be… “FREE estimates”. When’s the last time you came across business prospects willing to pay for you to prepare a […]

Get THE Name of THE Decision Maker At THE Places You Want To Clean

Decision Maker Video Screenshot

Stop wasting your money! Because that’s exactly what you’re doing if you don’t know THE name of THE decision makers at THE places you want to clean. All your time and money isn’t worth much if your marketing message never gets to the right person – the decision maker. So, what can you do? That’s […]

What’s the Ideal Client for Your Cleaning Business Look Like?

Ideal Client for Your Cleaning Business video screenshot

You want to get a bunch of them, new clients, that is, so, you better know exactly what they ‘look’ like before you go chasing after them, right? Right. Well, in this episode you’ll learn an easy way to know which are the janitorial jobs you want… and which you may want to steer clear […]

The BEST Place to Find MORE Cleaning Business!

The best place to find more cleaning business video screenshot

We hear it all the time. Cleaning business big and small always want to know the BEST place to find MORE cleaning business – profitable cleaning jobs. In this episode, we reveal what many experts think that place is, and just as importantly – WHY. People have been surprised at the answer for years; will […]

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