The BIGGEST Mistake

For goodness sakes, don’t make the BIG mistake I did. And, what is it? Ok, well, here it is… drum roll… To stop marketing! Now, I’ll admit when you first hear it, it’s easy to think…”That’s no big deal!” or “Don’t worry, I’ll never do that!” But it’s not necessarily that easy. Let me tell […]

Why Janitorial Businesses Should NEVER Stop Marketing

Why Janitorial Businesses Should NEVER Stop Marketing

Hear Dan’s story of how he painfully learned to NEVER stop marketing. When you don’t have a reliable way to find and land new janitorial jobs, you may find yourself desperately holding on to jobs because you’re afraid your cleaning company will fail without them. It’s something many commercial cleaning business owners have felt at […]

Testimonials & Visual Proof

We’ve discussed how including features and benefits in our marketing pieces help us to show credibility. Now, we need to tackle BELIEVABILITY. So, how do we do that? Well, there are various ways. Here are two of the best: First, Testimonials. The actual endorsement of real customers is hands down -hard to beat! To be […]

When is the BEST time for Your Janitorial Business to Raise Prices

When is the BEST time for Your Janitorial Business to Raise Prices

If you’re not making any money at one of the jobs your janitorial business cleans, it’s time to put through a price increase, right? Well, maybe, maybe not. It depends. And in this fast-paced video will look at one of the important things it depends on -that you may have never thought of before. Before […]

Use Hi Octane Headlines

For your sales letters to generate lots of interest from prospects try using powerful, ‘hi-octane’ headlines. What are ‘hi-octane’ headlines? Well, let’s first say what they’re not. Hi-octane headlines are not lies, half truths or outlandish promises meant only to shock the reader. For example, here’s what were NOT talking about: ‘Call WE’RE PERFECT CLEANING […]

Janitorial Inspections? Short, General and Frequent WINS!

Janitorial Inspections

Think quality control inspections and how they affect your janitorial business – is boring? Ok, maybe it is, a little – but in this fast-paced video you’ll hear a few things about inspections we bet you won’t find boring. But, as an owner of a cleaning company, these ideas may be of particular interest and […]


Today, let’s start a grocery list of ingredients that should be included in really any successful sales letter or marketing piece? And, a great place to start is to see how FEATURES of your cleaning service can provide clear and desirable BENEFITS to your prospect. Start by using some 3 x 5 index cards to […]

When is a Cleaning Problem REALLY Fixed?

When is a Cleaning Problem REALLY Fixed

The phone rings – it’s one of your customers. They have a cleaning complaint. You send one of your managers out to fix it. Case closed. That’s it, right? Well, not necessarily! Watch this short video to see what Dan and Tony learned, the hard way, about what it really takes to fix a janitorial […]

Credibility And Believability

We’ve talked about the importance of contacting our prospects about every 6 weeks. This week, let’s talk about what messages we should be sending when we contact them by calling or by sending them a sales letter, brochure or post card etc. To do that – let’s back up just for a second. What do […]

What Successful Janitorial Selling Doesn’t Look Like!

What Successful Janitorial Selling Doesn’t Look Like

Knowing what NOT to do can be as helpful as knowing what to do. Bad selling habits like the ones described in this short video can cost you sales – plain and simple. But studying what NOT to do when you’re selling can just as quickly ‘jump start’ your selling technique and sales results. Watch […]


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