Aim To Be Next!

We always hear “aim to be first”.

Well, if you want to grow like crazy in the cleaning biz, here’s a secret:

Aim to be NEXT! Not second, but NEXT!

Next in line. Next in the mind of your prospect. The next one to get the account.

If your prospect is looking at switching cleaning services for whatever reasons, you want to be the NEXT cleaning company they’d give a shot at their building.

Cleaning is a “funny” business.

It’s a daily challenge for the owner of any cleaning business to make sure everything goes smooth – in every building-every night.

Don’t miss a trash. Don’t forget to lock a door. And of course, hope they

like, or at least get along with, the latest cleaning person you put on the account.

It’s a lot that has to go right.

You try hard to make everything go smoothly – so the customer doesn’t get upset and decide to take his business elsewhere.

In a business, like cleaning, where so much can wrong, if a company isn’t ‘on their toes’, at all the times, it can often be just a matter of time before problems boil over and suddenly, the
building manager takes steps to make a change.

So what can you do? Well, here’s one thing:

Find a way to take advantage of the often fragile, sometimes unpredictable, nature of cleaning, by how your position your company.

You want to position your company as THE cleaning company the prospect would consider the NEXT time they look to make any change.

You want to be “waiting in the wings”; You want to be next in line.

Like the baseball coach, that walks to the mound, and touches his left or right arm to make a pitching change… you want your prospect to pick up his phone and automatically call YOU!

You Can Do This, You Really Can!


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