Bid Cover Letters With MUSCLE! – Part 2

OK, no more theory! Let’s look at how you can easily add marketing MUSCLE to your janitorial proposals and cleaning bids by creating powerful COVER LETTERS.

First, make sure that during your initial walk through, as well as during any conversations with your prospect, you are taking GOOD NOTES on each comment, complaint, ‘pet peeves’ or criticism made about their current service, or cleaning companies in general.

These are important and valuable opportunities for you – seize them!

Now what?

Well, second

, list out each important complaint or problem mentioned by the building owner of property manager and identify specifically how your company will take care of the problem.

Not just once, but for good.

That will often mean explaining the way (SYSTEM) you have for not only cleaning up the problem one time, but for staying on top of it so it doesn’t happen again.

For example, identify the specific training procedures, inspections, scheduled walkthroughs, quality control steps, customer service visits, and/or the use of on-site managers your company uses to get your customers buildings clean – and keep them clean.

The real point is this:

The cover letter let’s you clearly identify these problems and then showcase how you are uniquely prepared to tackle them once and for all.

Why is listing these problems and solutions specific to their building so important?

Well, first, is how it positions you as a good listener, in the mind of your customer; someone who not only hears, but understands their problems and has a clear plan to take care of them.

This use of the cover letter can put you ahead of the competition and help you STAND OUT in a cluttered field of cleaning competitors.

Finally, now that you’ve put all this work into your cover letter, be sure to take the time to carefully review it with your prospect when you deliver your bid.

If you do, they will be able to see how you, more than any other competitor ‘gets’ them, ‘gets’ what they want their building to look like, and ‘gets’ what they are looking from their next cleaning contractor.

And then, you just might GET the account!

You Can Do This, You Really Can!


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Bonnie Shelton

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