Bid Cover Letters With MUSCLE!

Frankly, most people think of a cleaning bid cover letter as a weak, nearly meaningless, part of any janitorial proposal, nothing more than a formality.

Don’t believe it – It couldn’t be further from the truth!

No, in fact, put it together the RIGHT way, and your bid cover letter can become one of, if not,THE most powerful sales tools (pages) in your cleaning proposal.

But, as I said, most commercial cleaning and maid service businesses put very little thought, and even less effort, into the cover letter. To them, it’s just a short, meaningless page they feel forced to include, if for no other reason, than – they think it makes them look professional.

As a result, most cover letters simply spit out the same safe, but boring stuff that has been putting building owners and property managers for years.

‘Thanks for allowing me to bid… We appreciate your interest… blah, blah, blah.’

If it bores you, you can pretty safely assume – it’s boring your prospects too!

It’s not the cover letter that’s the problem, it’s what it says about us as the cleaning contractor – that’s the REAL problem!

And what’s that?

Well, it’s that we didn’t

take the time to highlight those important duties, issues, details, areas our customer told us about their building.

You need to see the cover letter as a powerful tool to forcefully attract your prospect to WANT to business with you, and you alone!

The bid cover letter gives you that opportunity. Don’t miss it. Here’s how:

First, don’t get me wrong, It’s ok to use some of the standard language you’re used to seeing in professional cleaning bid cover letters such as ‘Thanks for taking the time to show me your facility’ or ‘As you review the bid, feel free to call me with any questions.’

BUT- that’s just the beginning.

That’s right! Use the cover letter as THE place to clearly show that you’ve heard your prospects complaints, concerns and issues, LOUD AND CLEAR, understand them, care about them and have a definite plan for solving them and better yet, keeping them solved.

You Can Do This, You Really Can!


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