Bid When They’re NOT ‘Going Out to Bid’

What do I mean? Well, one approach to growing you cleaning business is waiting until – they (building owner/manager) calls because they’re simply ‘going out to bid’.

Yep, you’re likely be just one of 3-4 janitorial businesses they’ve asked to submit cleaning proposals.

But, what the heck, at least you’re bidding, right? Maybe, maybe not.

You see – I’m not saying I wouldn’t submit a bid if asked. I’m just saying – I don’t love it.


Well, for one thing, because the message is passive, even sad.

It reeks of ..

‘We’re simply one of many commercial cleaning contractors out here, just waiting to hear from you – so we can submit a proposal.’

…even worse, there is another message, generally unspoken, but often right there in the minds of 1) building owner, 2) the cleaning business owner or 3) both, namely…

– and, you’ll be bidding TO compete on price.

That’s right, also not great.

But, there is another way; a very different, better way.

Here it is….

rather than waiting – a better approach is actively pursuing.

*Your marketing message should be unique, strong.

*Your marketing frequency should be steady, regular enough to get and keep you on their ‘radar’.

*Your marketing mediums should include many things from letters and calls to emails and visits. But, in the end, the goal is this:

Rather than being called ONLY when building owners and managers are conducting their annual ‘going out for bid’ process – you want to be called….

”out of the blue”, because your unique message caught their eye, grabbed their attention – got their interest.

In this approach, you may actually be:

1) the only company being called, the only company bidding

2) contacted NOT because they’re looking for a better price but because they want to know MORE about you and what you might be able to do for them .

That’s when I like / want / prefer to bid—-> when they’re NOT ‘going out for bid’.

It’s when there’s generally much less competition and you stand a better chance of working with a customer thinking solutions, not just price.

You Can Do This – You Really Can,
CleanGuru LLC


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