There are a handful of key strategies to building a profitable cleaning business.

You know the ones...

- Choose a targeted list of prospects

- Create a compelling difference between you and your competition - that is IMPORTANT to your prospects.

- Bid wisely, to be competitive AND profitable

- Screen, hire and train to build and keep a strong team

- Monitor cleaning to keep quality UP.

- Monitor cleaning times (labor) to maintain profitability

The list goes on and on...

But, here's one you don' t here as often...

People are waiting - for you:

to act, to speak up, to make the first move, to reach out, to ask a question, to offer to help...

You may think it seems silly, not worth mentioning.

Think again.

It may not be on the short list of key strategies, but it can make a BIG, NOTICEABLE difference in nearly every part of yours cleaning business.

Ever notice when you drive by someone while you're driving your car... if you wave - what happens? That's right - a great deal of the time - THEY wave back.

Again, seems trivial, right?

But, consider the implications.

In your cleaning business where you're often looking for new clients and new employees - these potential new clients and employees may be around -

simply waiting for you and I to TAKE THE INITIATIVE - to reach out.

Keeping a mind set in which you are ALWAYS looking and willing to 'make the first move' may be the gateway to a steady stream of new clients and employees.

It can help to keep in mind the powerful, almost automatic response - a simple wave gets.

You Can Do This, You Really Can,


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