WHEN you can, IF you can  - Dump the MIDDLEmen.

And, who are these MIDDLEmen?

They're the national management outfits (NMO's) who see their job as little more than landing big accounts at discount prices - and then as fast as possible subbing out the 'in the trenches' work of cleaning to local janitorial businesses  - in deals providing insufficient cleaning hours or profit for the sub!

They're the franchises who forget to offer real support to franchisees but somehow - never forget to collect royalties!

They're the online retailers entering the 'on-demand services' market who provide little more than a place  for consumers to find and schedule cleaning - for a ridiculously hefty fee!

Ok, I'll reluctantly grant you.. not all NMO's, franchises or 'online, on-demand services sites -  are bad.

But, here's the thing.

 Many 'hold the contract' the cleaning contract - not you.

Many hold the position or primary contact to the client  -even though YOU'RE doing the cleaning

And, ALL have their 'hand in your pocket' in one way or another - put differently - they ALL want a cut of the sale.

Some cleaning jobs secured through MIDDLEmen work out - some don't.

Either way -

1) Being the primary contact to clients, 2) holding the contract and 3) having the full operational control of the job - are the KEYS to delivering pride and financial reward to the cleaning business owner.

Increasingly, the HOLDING of those 'KEYS' by local, independent cleaning business owners - is in jeopardy.

I know, DTM - 'Dump the MIDDLEmen - may sound harsh', but, hopefully it sends a 'clear warning' to cleaning business owners to:

Discover or if necessary, re-discover, the importance of finding, landing and managing cleaning contracts - on their own.

You Can Do This, You REALLY Can!



#1 Kamil 2018-07-24 15:29
You are 100% right. Those greedy rats bid low ball and try to sell for peanuts contractors, they just flip the coin for profit .

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