Watch 2 Min. Demo of NEW Disinfecting Bidding Software

Got 2 minutes?  See how easily CleanGuru’s NEW DISINFECTING Module prices an electrostatic disinfecting job and prepares an impressive proposal ready to print or email.

That’s right – whether you use:

hand/backpack sprayer,

electrostatic sprayer


You’re going to love how fast, easy and professional CleanGuru’s new Disinfecting Bidding Module is to use – from the very FIRST time!

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Charles, thanks for the message/suggestion you left on the video demo of our new Disinfecting Module. You made a good point. If may have been helpful to have shown the work specifications for one or all three of the disinfecting methods available to choose from, each based on the 'delivery method' for applying the disinfecting solution. They include: : 1/ basic hand or backpack sprayers 2/ electrostatic sprayers where a specialized solution is 'combined with air and and atomized' by an electrode inside the sprayer. The positively 'charged' particles cling to and coat surfaces they are applied to. 3/ fogger units, which may be more applicable for large open areas, i.e. warehouse etc., and requires proper pre-cleaning of surfaces to be effective just like the other two methods. We'll be sure to also send you the actual work specifications for each of the disinfecting methods. Please let me know if I can help answer any other questions. I'd be happy to help, Matt, CleanGuru Support 888-531-4878


Good morning Sheri, thanks for your interest in CleanGuru and our new Disinfecting Bidding Software. You can enjoy a FREE 30 day membership by signing up at or simply call us at 888-531-4878 and we'd be happy to help answer any questions you have and get you started. Matt, CleanGuru Support

Sheri L Gardner

Free trial

Supreme Cleaning Inc

Not sure about some of the sections mentioned especially when choosing the "method of sanitizing". Need to be more specific as possible.