Janitorial Bidding Mistakes: #1

Whether you’re just starting a cleaning business or simply want to learn new and better ways to keep your existing janitorial or residential cleaning company profitable, in these videos Dan covers everything from the latest trends in janitorial bidding and inspection software to proven marketing strategies to help you grow.

Garbage in, garbage out; that’s really the message here. If you don’t have an accurate figure for cleanable square footage, well you’re at a big disadvantage from the very start.

Check out today’s fast paced video where Dan explains one of the biggest bidding mistakes cleaning business owner make, how it can be the reason why they’re losing out to their competitors and, most importantly – what they can do about it, starting today.

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Thanks for watching our video Janitorial Bidding Mistakes: #1, but also be sure to check out our video, What If You Ran Every Decision in Your Janitorial Business Through This ONE Filter?  where explains the idea or filter nearly everyone ignores, including himself more times than he’d like to admit – often resulting in business ‘pain’. Then he shares this powerful filter to consider running decisions through that brings important factors to the forefront – not just expedient ones.

Plus, we hope you continue to check out Dan’s weekly videos in the future to hear his latest ideas, tips and strategies ‘concerning things you’re concerned about’, such as how to bid cleaning jobs profitably. You’ll quickly discover practical keys about what it really takes to flip a cleaning company from painful to profitable. Want to flip yours?


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