Let me tell you a story...

Years ago, I had just finished 'plowing' through a long and difficult bid walk through of a building.

It was a tough.

My contact was in a hurry- so for nearly an hour and a half, we practically ran through every break room, restroom, locker and office scattered throughout several buildings.

In the plant, we climbed up and down staircases and in and out of hallways to get to all the areas that needed cleaning.

And, as we rushed from one place to the next, I frantically jotted down the measurements, item counts and floor surfaces - as fast as I could.

By the time we got done, I was whipped.

I walked out to my car, threw my notes on my car seat and - drove off.

I was tired and didn't work on the bid for a couple days - which is where the trouble started.

By the time I picked up and began to look at my notes, I had a hard time remembering a lot of the specifics. And, now - this long after the walkthrough - my notes, weren't much help either!

I could barely read some of them.

I had scribbled them down so fast as we ran through the building - NOW, only a couple days later, the short hand scribbles were hardly recognizable.

But it didn't have to be that way.

I could have made my notes clear as I ran through the bid walk through; but to be honest, I was doing the best I could to jot something down without 'holding up' my prospect any longer than necessary.

But, there was another solution that wouldn't have taken any extra time from my prospect. Here it is:

I could have, I should have - taken 5-10 minutes to clean up my notes in the car before leaving the parking lot... while everything was still fresh in my mind!

I know - sounds like a small thing, doesn't it?

And maybe it is - but it works.

That's right, little strategies - like taking a few minutes after every bid to clean up your notes can make bidding a lot easier.

So, don't make the costly mistake I made - out of pure laziness.

Be smart - IMPLEMENTING a series of little improvements can move your cleaning business from good to great.

Discover the Guru in YOU,

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